Mobile App Trends for 2016From wearables like the Apple Watch to iOS 9, our world has been inundated with new devices and OS updates as 2015 comes to a close.  Which mobile app trends will continue in 2016 and what should you watch out for?

Here’s a quick recap and preview for the new year:


Wearables and the Apple Watch

  • 2015 could be characterized as the year of the Apple Watch  – despite a healthcare market not quite ready for wearables at a clinical level.
  • The wearable security buzz has been strong enough for the National Science Foundation (NSF) to fund a $10 million research project focused on these issues – as providers are still warming up to providing mobile apps.
  • Expect research related to wearables and IoT to continue, as officials try to figure out if these devices could have a positive effect on patient outcomes.

The DIY Approach to Mobile Apps

The trend of creating mobile apps in-house instead of outsourcing is poised to continue in 2016, as IT and business leaders look to control security and maintain creative control.  Instead of tracking down developers for bug fixes or OS issues, expect to see more brands turning to Mobile App Development Platforms (MADPs) as a way to avoid these issues.

Connecting More Data

REST Services Are Easy - See it for Yourself!Healthcare providers have been faced with questions surrounding the viability of new technology, and making sense of all of this data can be a challenge.  Most EHR vendors are pretty average according to a 2015 EHR satisfaction survey, with many platforms still not mobile ready, providing subpar interfaces.

According to the Harvard Business Review,

“EHRs could eventually become a platform on top of which other companies could build more tailored applications and improve usability for clinicians”.

OAuth, for example, was mentioned as being an under-utilized way to provide secure access to mobile apps in healthcare, like it has become in other industries.  The MobileSmith platform makes it easy for developers and non-developers to connect to data sources using REST Services, while providing the security they need.

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