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How to Modernize Perioperative Phases with the Help of Mobile Apps

The potential of digital health, or mHealth, is a popular topic right now. Conversations around how to leverage this technology often focus on the soft benefits rather than the real-dollar impact it can have on improving healthcare efficiency. One of the biggest opportunities lies in modernizing different perioperative phases that exist, from pre-op to post-op. While many first-generation digital healthcare strategies were focused on checking a box, this wave is part […]


Make Quality Improvement Projects More Effective with Mobile

As a healthcare leader, there are hundreds of QI projects to choose from, but choosing an effective method to initiate change is sometimes easier said than done. One important medium we see as crucial to the success of any project is utilizing something 95 percent of Americans own (and carry almost all the time): a smartphone.

Whatever improvement project you have in mind for your healthcare organization – whether it be a […]


How Providing an App Can Reduce Missed Appointments in Healthcare

Missed appointments are one of those not-so-obvious ways hospitals are losing money each year. The reported cost is an astonishing $150 billion dollars per year in missed revenue. When health systems let appointments remain unfilled, it’s time to address these problems with a modern solution. Keeping patients connected throughout the care journey is a challenge we are constantly working with our hospital clients to improve, and starting with getting patients in the door (and […]


3 Reasons to Have a Hospital Service Line Marketing Strategy

Hospitals across the country are trying to find ways to improve the patient experience, in service lines like bariatrics to maternity. Traditional marketing strategies for hospitals have been rather broad, typically involving a single mobile app, website, or social presence as a means for communication. The question becomes how do you market to various patients groups, and what are the benefits? In this blog, I’ll share 3 reasons why your health system should have a […]