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Mobile App Promotion Tips for Healthcare Providers - Free eBook

Building an app for your hospital can be a fun project. But once your branded hospital app is launched, how do you make it successful and help it stand out among the 100,000+ health apps currently available in the app stores? How can you help your patients discover, adopt, and retain it?

Just like your website, your mobile app needs to be actively promoted to drive adoption and usage. There are a few tricks to it – it’s useful to know them even before you start building.

App Promotion Tips for Healthcare Providers

  • Promoting your hospital app to current and potential patients: whom to target, and how?
  • 5 essentials of a successful app marketing campaign for internal and patient-facing apps.
  • Examples of efficient marketing strategies for 3 great hospital apps.

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We noticed that there were a lot of different pregnancy apps, but each had very limited information, so we went through and put an app together that covered all of the things a new mom would need to know.  With the MobileSmith platform, prototyping, testing, and building our new app for multiple mobile platforms proved to be an easy and rewarding experience.

Heather Noack,
Learning Production Manager at Customized Communications


August 10, 2016

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