Whether you are a mobile app developer or looking for an app developer, you probably understand that while ‘going mobile’ is necessary it can be an expensive journey for any company if it’s not done right. Developing a mobile app for the top platforms (right now Android and Apple’s iOS) usually requires experienced developers and ongoing maintenance if you plan on addressing any bugs within your app and adding new features as the top mobile platforms evolve.

Smart Online has taken the need for mobile developers out of the equation with our new technology – the Smart Online platform, which now allows any subject matter expert (SME) to create a native mobile application in a fraction of the time it would take to normally create one. Even better than that, you can now manage your app, update your app and re-deploy it to the app stores all from our platform.

There are many tools for mobile development that do an array of different things, but many are producing template applications that you don’t really have much control over if you ever want to expand and add new features to your app. You also don’t have much flexibility with the look and feel of your app when you are using these tools so your app will end up looking very similar to those of your competitors who are using the same solution.. Lastly, that application wasn’t built for your business specifically and is probably a more general app which will cover some of the needs of all customers in your industry. What we see with a lot of these template solutions is that most applications built using these platforms are missing that ‘hook’ that really captures users and keeps them engaged.

When developing your mobile application you want to really think through the entire concept and make sure you are doing it for the right reasons.  Many companies go mobile just for the sake of having a mobile app, or maybe they found a company that will build it cheap so they just jump at the opportunity and 8 weeks later they have an application that lists their locations, has a ‘contact us’ button and their twitter feed… Really?

Take a look at some ideas of what other brands are building into their mobile apps to get you thinking about what could reinvent your brand or attract new customers.