App Design TipsYou need to create awesome mobile apps that solve a problem, so is design really that important? A report by Kissmetrics suggests that people make judgments about a product in a little over a minute – and what factor plays the biggest role 90 percent of the time? Color.  Not just color, but several other elements are just as important for establishing a first impression.

Here’s a few mobile app design tips to consider before diving into your next project:

Start With Visually Pleasing App Icons

App Icon DesignYou need to give users a reason to launch your app – a visually pleasing target to boost your click through rate.  Various logomarks that represent your brand and its associated properties are usually a safe bet for app icons. Here’s a few concepts to keep in mind:

  • Less is more – avoid using photographs or a lot of written text unless it is absolutely necessary.  Abbreviations like Facebook’s “f” logomark or Twitter’s iconic bird logo are perfect for established brands with recognizable symbols.  If your brand launches multiple apps for different use cases, using logomarks for every app isn’t as crucial assuming the graphics are catchy.
  • Select vivid colors – For users like myself (with varying home screen background images), dull app icons can often get lost in beach sand, skin tones, or any other background image I’ve chosen.  It’s usually a good idea to select the brightest colors from your brand’s color palette, or simply use a white background behind your logo.
  • Avoid text (for the most part) Too much text can be hard to read on some screen sizes, so it’s best to keep text to a minimum if at all possible.  Some brands can get away with this, like the Netflix app, for example – since they rely on a logotype rather than a logomark.

Colors Schemes & The Splash Screen 

splash screenThe image that appears for roughly 2 seconds after you launch an app (the splash screen), is more important than you may think – leaving an impression every time your app is launched.

  • Select an image that is likely to be remembered.  Images of people using your product, interacting with your brand, or a solid background with a simple logo are common.
  • Keep splash images light to avoid increased load times – and try to avoid upfront registration that turns users away.

Your  UI is everything, so once a user reaches the homescreen, the game changes a little. Mixing in bright colors like yellow green, and red are great for expressing emotion.  Flat, or pastel colors are gaining traction for brands wanting to achieve a more neutral in-app experience.  For app stores, a well-written description and eye-catching screenshots should not be overlooked for maximum exposure!

  • Fun Stat: While not a universal truth, based on an A/B test of 2,000 page visits, Hubspot found that red call to action buttons outperformed green buttons by 21 percent.

We understand how important controlling app design is, which is why we’ve made it so much easier to add app icons, splash screens, and app pages using the MobileSmith platform – no more digging through code to configure these settings.

What’s even better, is you can have your team test out different app versions on their own phones before selecting the winning design. Check it out for yourself ->

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