Marketers take control over enterprise mobile strategyFabulous news! Marketers are taking the lead in enterprise mobile strategy, according to the newly released Forbes Insights report.  A whopping 53 % of marketing executives are designing and deploying mobile apps, both internal- and external-facing, as part of their marketing strategies.  Marketers are driving mobile use case development, user interface design, and the launching of enterprise mobile apps.  IT departments, in many cases, are only providing a supporting role.

This is music to my ears!  As the COO and Founder of the MobileSmith enterprise app development platform, I made a decision early on to exclusively target marketers and not IT.  Two years ago, this was a risky proposition, because most mobile app development platforms were strictly purchased and used by IT.  But as we said all along, and as this new report demonstrates, enterprise mobile strategy needs to be closer to the end user in order to create valuable mobile apps.

Why Enterprise Mobile Strategy is the Marketer’s Business

Line-of-business and marketers are the roles that need to be empowered.  Most app use cases are still emerging, therefore, enterprise mobile strategy needs to be nimble and react quickly to stakeholders’ evolving requirements.  Apps need to be iterated often, or they won’t get the promised engagement – which is critical to stay competitive.  A centralized group such as the IT is often removed from the end user, so translating requirements can slow down app iterations.  With this model, marketers and organizations lose competitive advantage in our fast-paced mobile world.

My experience over the last few years has confirmed that if you provide marketing with the right tools, they are extremely effective at designing compelling consumer-facing apps.  Specifically, they are adept at ideating and wireframing mobile apps.  Most digitally savvy marketers are using mobile apps every day and have a good sense of app navigation and user experience design.  Typically digital graphics designers report to marketing and, with the right guidance, can create a great look and feel for the apps.  I have also seen that they understand the data sources that are needed in the app.

Now this is where IT comes in:  to connect these data sources and ensure that they remain secure through authentication if needed.  They can do this by exposing a web service to specific databases.  In many cases these web services exist already since these databases are already connected to the company’s web properties.  The challenge for the marketers is to get their app coded – since most marketing organizations do not have in-house mobile programming teams.  The Forbes Insights report highlights the many different routes marketers are taking today, such as hiring mobile development teams, and the various challenges they face.

With the Right Tools, Marketers Can Take Full Control

With MobileSmith, taking full control of your enterprise mobile strategy is easy.  Our platform is built for non-programmers to design and configure native iPhone and Android apps without the need to hire an outside vendor or to know any coding.  It gives line-of-business and marketers, who are closest to the end-user, complete control of the entire app development process, including deployment directly to the app stores and management of your apps and your app content after the launch.  In other words, MobileSmith is the final piece you need to fully control your enterprise mobile strategy!

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