MobileSmith Leadership Team

Amir Elbaz - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at MobileSmith

Amir Elbaz

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Amir joined the Board of Directors in January 2010 and became Chairman in November 2012. In April 2013, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of MobileSmith. Amir has extensive experience in managing technology companies through their critical growth stages and utilizes his background to bring innovative ideas and products into the companies he manages. Amir has been advising companies on business strategy, restructuring and business development since 2005. During his career he held CFO, marketing and business development positions. Prior to turning to managerial roles Amir had several positions with investment funds in the US and Europe, focusing on high-tech investments. Amir holds a BA and MBA in Finance and Investments. In spite of his many duties, Amir likes to run and exercise, travel with his family to exotic places and initiate bridges between business people around the world.

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Bob Dieterle - Chief Operating Officer and VP of Sales at MobileSmith

Bob Dieterle


Chief Innovator of the MobileSmith platform, Bob saw the need for an enterprise mobile solution that empowers those with the ideas to quickly and easily develop custom, native mobile apps themselves. Bob brings with him over 20 years of global technology experience from companies like IBM and Lenovo and is an accomplished thought leader in the adoption and commercialization of emerging technologies at the consumer and enterprise levels. Bob has a BS in Electrical Engineering from NC State, and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

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Gleb Mikhailov Chief Financial Officer at MobileSmith

Gleb Mikhailov

Chief Financial Officer

Gleb has joined MobileSmith as Chief Financial Officer in April, 2013, bringing with him eight years of experience in public accounting. As Audit Manager with EisnerAmper, LLP, a large regional New York based accounting and consulting firm, Gleb oversaw the audits of SEC filers and clients with international operations. Later in his career at EisnerAmper, Gleb helped develop the financial reporting consulting group of EisnerAmper, where he provided outsourced CFO/Controller services to firm’s clients. Gleb received his BA in Accounting and MBA in Finance from Rutgers University in New Jersey.

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Greg Jones - VP of Technology at MobileSmith

Greg Jones

VP of Technology

Greg was previously Chief Technology Officer for N.C. Department of Crime Control and Public Safety, providing nationally award winning services for citizens, law enforcement and first responder support. Greg has over 20 year of experience designing and leading large enterprise developments for various industries including Biotech, Finance, State & Federal Government, E-Commerce and Manufacturing. He holds a BSEE from the University of Nebraska and is a US Navy Submarine Veteran.

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mobilesmith vp of product

David Sawin

VP Product & Marketing

Dave joined MobileSmith to bring our leading no-code enterprise mobile app lifecycle platform to the next level of user experience and ROI for our customers. Dave has a keen understanding of both user experience and the tech landscape that translates into transformational enterprise workflows and customer experiences. His product innovations and evolutions prove that “Good Design is Good Business” by increasing revenues, reducing cost, and improving customer satisfaction and employee morale. If you are a MobileSmith fan and want to tell Dave what you think MobileSmith should do next, click here.

Before MobileSmith, Dave’s been a top contributor at leading global companies and startups, designing products, inventing tech, building partnerships, selling solutions, and managing people and things. Dave enjoys returning to his home town of Kitty Hawk where humans first learned to fly.

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Kimberly Allen - Development Manager at MobileSmith

Kimberly Allen

Development Manager

Kimberly has been on the MobileSmith team since October 2009 and currently oversees the Development and QA teams. She spent the first 11 years of her career at IBM where she honed skills in all facets of the Software Development Life Cycle. At MobileSmith Kimberly has put her process driven background to work by implementing a development process using the Agile Methodology. Kimberly has a BS in Computer Information Systems from Appalachian State University and enjoys baking homemade treats for the company.

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