Engage Customers with an iPad AppHere’s an interesting fact that will make you feel younger. The iPad just turned four last week. It seems like its been around forever now, but the iPad is still only a preschooler. Despite it’s relative youth, iPad sales are exploding. With nearly 200 million sold since it’s birth, and the latest release cracking 3 million sales in three days, it is clear that the iPad has been embraced by the people. Yet, of the over one million apps in the Apple store, less than half have been created for iPad. With the number of iPads skyrocketing, it is a good idea for any business to make their app available for the tablet, as well as smartphone. Keeping these tips in mind can help you design an engaging iPad app for your consumers, and take advantage of the thriving iPad market.

Whittle Down the Use Cases for Your iPad App

There are some apps that are better suited to iPad than they are to iPhone and vice versa. Mobile apps in the fitness, navigation and retail categories are better suited to the portability of smartphones. Education or reference apps, i.e. the more content-heavy apps, are statistically better for iPad. Larger screens and an easier interface on the iPad are the reason for this.  So, determining how your app will be most likely used will help you figure out where your design priorities should lie.

Use Space Effectively and Update Constantly

iPads have more screenspace than smartphones, and that space should be used effectively. Clutter can still be a major problem for your app, and you want it to be as neat as possible.  Standard iPad features like fly-out menus can help create an easily navigable app for your users.  As we said earlier, iPads are much more effective for content heavy apps, but you’ll want to make sure that the content is updated frequently so your users keep coming back.  A flexible content management system is be a must for your iPad app.

Incorporate Video and Interactivity Into Your iPad app

iPad users spend 42% more time in apps than do smartphone users, and you’ll want to find ways to take advantage of this, and keep your customers engaged, with more than just written content.  With the bigger iPad screen, adding video is a very effective way to do this. Also consider interactive features such as surveys, quizzes or even simple mini-games. People pick up their iPad less, but stay on longer, so if you want to build a successful iPad app, be sure to give your users something to do.

Smartphone or iPad? Try Smartphone AND iPad

During the rapid rise of the iPad, design and device differences have forced many app developers to choose between designing for either smartphone or tablet.  A lot of businesses have this issue, and it usually comes down to money. These days, however, there is a way to have both without breaking your budget.  You can easily design apps for both iPad and smartphones with MobileSmith – cutting costs, streamlining UIs across platforms, and engaging users on any device. With the iPad sales through the roof, people more often choose tablets over PCs.  You simply can’t afford to ignore the iPad when designing your mobile engagement strategy!