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Providing numerous patient engagement benefits

Annualized projected benefit of app in the millions

Inspira Health Network is a charitable nonprofit health care organization serving communities across southern New Jersey and believes they must become a source of inspiration, encouraging everyone to lead healthier lives. Inspira’s Access app provides direct, informed access to urgent care, eVisits and emergency services for the surrounding community.

This consumer-friendly approach to patient engagement is critical in the face of key shifts in the healthcare delivery model, particularly the transition to value-based care and the increase of high-deductible health plans (HDHPs). As patients increasingly bear the direct cost of their non-catastrophic care, they are becoming engaged, informed consumers and intentional about where they seek care. Value-based reimbursement also shifts the focus to patient engagement for providers, giving patients the tools that allow them to be a fundamental player in their own care and providing avenues that can lead to improved patient activation and outcomes.

By making patients a part of their healthcare, providers can build stronger patient relationships and more effectively understand patient wants and needs while providing better care continuity through patient retention.

If the app is driving just 10 percent of this impact to keep patients engaged and in-network, it can result in an annualized benefit of  $620,000

New patients represent a lifetime value of $600,000, annualized at $7,692, representing typical yearly expenditures and the impact of an individual’s sphere of influence. Inspira Health Network’s app attracted 805 regularly returning users, representing an overall annual benefit of $6.2 million. If the app is driving just 10% of that patient engagement, the system would see an annual benefit of $620,000.

The app also allows patients to navigate towards and check in to urgent care centers, reducing the burden on emergency rooms from patients presenting unnecessarily and giving patients more control over the avenues of their care. Last year alone more than 8,300 patients used the app to check in at Inspira urgent care locations, representing $1.26 million in revenue driven by app usage.

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