IMS mHealth Report: it's an App Jungle. Will the Fittest Apps Survive?mHealth is a major hotspot in the healthcare industry right now. More and more health apps hit the market every day. A recent IMS mHealth report found that there were over 43,000 health and wellness apps on the US iTunes store alone. In such a jungle of health apps, it seems like a futile venture to try and make it in the mHealth market right now. Then again, with the right app, there might not be a better time.

Survival of the Fittest

The IMS mHealth report brought up some excellent points about the heaps of health apps. For starters, of the 43,000+, less than half of those are actually patient related health or wellness apps. Of that half, only 43% have more than 500 downloads. The study goes on to state that in the health and wellness field, the top 5 apps account for 15% of the total downloads. In the flooded, yet vitally important world of mHealth, it is truly survival of the fittest.

What Does the Doctor Prescribe?

Currently the large number of apps, and the lack of regulation and review, is an obstacle for app usage in healthcare.  Physicians aren’t as willing to recommend an app without evidence of success, or professional approval. As pointed out by the IMS mHealth report, however, that won’t be the case long. the FDA has already come out with regulations for wearable mHealth devices, and several mHealth review programs, such as AppRx, have garnered significant physician participation. Further, with the amount of mobile devices in use, and the agreement of all experts that such use will continue to skyrocket, it is foolish to ignore the potential of mHealth, to engage patients and improve the quality of healthcare

The mHealth app jungle spurs fierce competition and, as a result, amazing innovations and important breakthroughs in patient care.  The question remains, in such a health app jungle, how does a physician find the best app for their patients?

If You Want a Health App Done Right, Do It Yourself

One of the problems with mHealth apps, is that very rarely are medical professionals the ones who create them. Most simply don’t have the technical know-how, so the task is outsourced to developers, who don’t have the medical knowledge or the patient interaction to know what the people need in a health app. Factor in the cost of outsourcing, and the mHealth market is stuck with expensive, yet lower quality apps. It doesn’t have to be this way.

If you are a healthcare provider, you can now create your own branded patient apps. The MobileSmith platform allows you to easily and quickly build multiple mHealth apps with functions that meet both doctor and patient needs, without writing a single line of code.  Take control of your app development and ensure the survival of your apps in the mHealth app jungle!