Patient Retention Strategy for Mobile

Patient retention is a tricky task, with so many strategies out there for you to try.  You’ve seen the TV ads, the billboards, the airport signage.  Every five years, healthcare providers lose about 50 percent of their patient base according to Solution Reach.  Technology is a solution, so what’s an easy way to differentiate your brand and keep more patients?

Here are 4 quick tips to increase patient retention using mobile apps:

1. Mobile-ize your Brand

With an estimated 165,000 health apps floating around out there, marketing a branded mobile app to your target audience is crucial.  Patients have smartphones, and most everyone searches for tips, contact information, or even new healthcare providers from time to time – don’t make accessing information on the fly more confusing than it should be.

By making your brand recognizable in the app stores, you establish trust among patients.  Here’s what to keep in mind:

 2. Different Apps for Different Niches

To address patient retention, do you have a strategy to target specific patient groups? Think about how many departments a healthcare system has, and the different mobile use-cases you could create for each.

For example, you could create a pregnancy app for expecting mothers in your health system, and another specifically for a network of wellness centers.  This strategy makes it clear that your focus is on providing personalized tools for patients.

 3. Engage Using Mobile Messaging

  • Only about half of primary care providers in the U.S. are offering phone call appointment reminders, with even less using mobile messaging, according to a recent Nielsen survey.

By having access to each mobile app you create, you can differentiate yourself from competitors by sending targeted push notifications to anyone using your apps.

4. Go MADP for Patients!

A MADP (mobile app development platform) like MobileSmith allows anyone to create mobile apps for any patient group.  The MobileSmith platform bridges the gap between IT and Line of Business leaders in your enterprise – tackling the patient retention problem one app at a time, no coding required.

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