Don't Waste Money on Enterprise Mobile AppsEnterprise mobile apps are slowly being introduced to employees after countless development hours, over-budgeting, and whats happening?  According to a recent report, 45 percent of end-users in the enterprise still think the final product is too complicated to use despite the huge investment.

The fact of the matter is, enterprise mobile apps don’t have to be overwhelming development projects that take years to get right when you need something simple to use for employees.  Here’s how to simplify things when it comes to your enterprise mobile apps:

 The 80-20 Rule

A recent Kinvey report shows mobile leaders (the ones that can afford it) spend on average $270,000 to develop and deploy a single mobile app. However, from what we have seen, 80 percent of internal and customer-facing mobile use cases do not require any complicated functions. Granted, 20 percent of enterprise mobile apps will require custom development, which will likely involve outsourcing or hiring in-house mobile developers. iOS and Android developers are among the most expensive you can hire, making $10,000 per month on average, according to a survey by Developer Economics. Many times line-of-business managers, marketers, or IT teams can handle prototyping simple use-cases using a MADP (mobile app development platform) solution.


While reducing the complexity of your apps and your development process, a MADP can also bring the following benefits:

  • Speed – The average development time can range from several months to over a year depending on the nature of the project.  With a code-free MADP solution, this time can be reduced to literally days.
  • Enterprise quality apps – Useful functionality is key; and it often requires dynamic integration with a backend. MobileSmith is capable of creating powerful native apps using REST Services and OAuth for authenticating users and rapidly retrieving the data you need.
  • Cost reduction – Development costs and maintenance are kept to a minimum, since content changes can be made on the fly without paying developers to make a simple change.

 The Secret to Cost-Effective Enterprise Mobile Apps

If spending half a million dollars on development just isn’t an option, here’s the solution:Have a Great Idea for an App  Use existing talent and resources you already have.  With MobileSmith you can create powerful native apps on a budget and avoid high development costs.  Too many companies are neglecting to improve their enterprise mobile apps according to Accenture, and many enterprises are simply overwhelmed by the cost of development – don’t be one of them.

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