In our recent mobile app marketing webinar, we discussed how about 60% of new app downloads come from app store rankings and searches. And of course with the new iOS 6 in the mix, it’s important to pay even more attention to this since the App Store is now just a little bit different.

Searches Result In Just A One App View

For starters, searches will now result in a card display of just one app, and a horizontal scroll to view others. Before, the first page for a search returned a list view of about 5 apps and you would scroll down for more. Scrolling was easier then, but with the way it is structured now users might tire of it quickly.

This to me is the most important change. If there aren’t even 5 places on page 1 of a search, it’s just going to be way harder to get those eyeballs. So if you’re not number 1, pay attention to keywords, App Store SEO and target your audience more effectively.

New Releases Section Has Significant Changes

The most important one being that the section doesn’t seem to list all new arrivals, instead displaying just a few chosen ones. What’s the criterion to be listed as a chosen one you ask– who knows –favorites, new algorithm, we’re not sure yet. This has historically proven to be a great way to get eyeballs on your newly launched app, but of course all good things must come to an end. Don’t depend on being listed here as a guarantee any longer. Focus on optimization instead.

Descriptions Are Now Twitter-Esque

When you open up an app to view it in the App Store, it takes you to a page (see image) where the description is just a few lines (with a ‘more’ link) followed by the ‘what’s new’ section and the app info. This gives developers very little room to describe just what their app does and captivate users – not everyone will click on ‘more’, and they are probably more likely to just glance through the what’s new section. The focus now should be on creative brevity with a few highly ranked and important keywords in the mix.

As for App Store SEO, given some of the changes above, it’s only going to be more important than ever to pay attention to this. Here’s a great cheat sheet I came across from apptamin. It seems like the best path to success with the new App Store is going to be through effective and efficient optimization. For more information on some of these changes see this article on TechCrunch

What have you changed about your mobile app marketing strategy given the App Store updates? Tell us in the comments.