Mobile Engagement Helps Improve Patient ExperienceIn a fiercely competitive market, healthcare providers are increasingly looking at various strategies aimed at improving patient experience.  Good patient outcomes – hospitals’ sole focus until recently – are still important, but there is something else that has growing impact.  How happy are the patients with the service?  How emotionally connected are they to their service provider?

Growing evidence shows that emotionally connected consumers create more valuable customers.  Mobile engagement, among other patient engagement strategies, helps improve patient satisfaction and build emotional connections between medical staff and the patients they serve.  Intelligently designed, content-rich mobile apps can become important tools for healthcare marketers and medical staff to better their hospital’s KPIs.

4 ways Mobile Apps Help Improve Patient Experience

Mobile apps challenge the traditional hospital paradigm of strictly providing medical diagnosis and treatment. Today, healthcare marketers can create tailored mobile apps that reach beyond the bounds of the hospital doors and into patients’ everyday lives, providing a pathway to better, more responsible health management.  Cleveland Clinic, a leader in mobile engagement, recognized this early and launched a portfolio of excellent patient-facing mobile apps.  No doubt, Cleveland’s success with mobile engagement was not the least factor in its having established itself as leader for medical excellence.

Let us look at the key ways mobile engagement can help improve patient experience and satisfaction.

1. Mobile apps provide a sense of compassionate care

If healthcare marketers want to position their brand as a leader in patient care, they need to address the emotional side of it.  A content-rich mobile app can help allay patients’ fears and offer quick, easy access to the things that matter most, such as outpatient care instructions, ‘red flags’, and a quick way to connect to medical staff.  A simple interactive How do I feel today? tracker can give recently discharged patients a sense of being cared for – without the need to put costly resources into such interaction.  Or, you can enable the app user to select and save a custom profile of her care team – a simple way to keep all the caregivers and their contact information at hand.

2. All the important information at your patients’ fingertips

MobileSmith Outpatient Care AppPeople’s growing dependence on their smartphones and tablets – for work, pleasure, or information snacking – makes it paramount for healthcare providers to place all the key information at their customers’ fingertips.  All the important phone numbers and directions, ER wait times, and interactive maps should be available via your hospital’s mobile app.  Additionally, you can push messages to remind your patients about appointments, offer seasonal immunizations, announce special promotions, etc.

The easier their access to necessary information and tools, the higher will your patients grade your service!

3. Mobile community – a source of moral support

People with stressful medical conditions always value an opportunity to connect with other patients and patient support groups.  Nothing is easier than offering them such an opportunity via your mobile app!  Allow your patients to network, share stories, ask questions, and offer support.  Your app can connect them to social media and provide interactive galleries to encourage sharing their progress.  By giving people a mobile platform for such networking, you are guaranteed to improve patient experience and satisfaction.

4. Mobile apps encourage responsible approach to wellness

Wellness AppGive your patients an additional motivation to take ownership of their health by providing a user-friendly Wellness App.  With an easy-to-use Health Tracker, they can set personalized goals and track their daily progress.  Stream helpful tips and educate them about healthy lifestyle.  Gamify your app to motivate your users – offer points redeemable for select pro shop items and services.  And, of course, allow them plenty of opportunity to pat themselves on the back for good progress – with interactive galleries, comments, and social sharing.  Mobile engagement will help you quickly build a wellness-minded community around your brand.

A full-featured, integrated mobile app portfolio can help you bridge the emotional gap between patient and hospital.  Patients feel more connected and empowered to take responsibility for their health outcomes. With mobile engagement, healthcare professionals can enhance the way overall wellness of patients is addressed – without committing additional resources or doing extra leg work.

At MobileSmith, we offer a compelling portfolio of ready-to-go hospital apps, fully customizable to your hospital’s needs and branding. Quickly and easily launch your first hospital’s app in days for both iOS and Android platforms!