How Mobile Apps Can Reduce Preventable Readmissions

As 2,610 healthcare providers face readmission penalties this year, the quest for efficient readmission-reducing strategies becomes paramount. How can branded hospital apps help reduce preventable readmissions and curb the healthcare costs?

Explore the evidence and technology that could work for your organization:

  • Efficient mobile strategies for reducing hospital readmissions.
  • Three easy use cases your hospital can launch within weeks.
  • Six best practices for cost-effective patient- and physician-facing apps.

No need to implement resource-intensive programs or complex IT projects. Start with the low-hanging fruit – discover the power of mobile apps, and an easy way to create them without programming!

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Michael Bush

We selected MobileSmith for our multi-app rollout strategy because it provided a superior combination of scalability and customization. The ability to build and deploy dozens of customized native apps without writing code will add to Civitas’ power to provide the right content at the right time to its mobile readers.

Michael Bush
Civitas Media

Companies That Build Great Apps with MobileSmith

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UCLA Health

Massachusetts General Hospital

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

Defence Health Agency