How Can You Make It Big With Your Mobile App?

It’s always hard to market your app in just the right way especially given that most first time app makers are usually short on marketing budgets. With that in mind, I wanted to put out a quick list on some easy ways to build a brand name for your app. If you have other easy and cost-effective ways in which you’ve gained an audience for your app, please tell us in the comments.

  • Soft launch or beta tests to get trusted user feedback for your app
  • Different and relevant channels to use – website, social media, offline/print
  • Always think about your USP (unique selling proposition) and use that in all your marketing material. Develop 2-3 phrases describing the best use case for your app. Point to note: focus on outcomes of features
  • Build a splash/landing page – include device images (iPhone, Android), branding relevant to the app (summary of app, etc), QR codes, links to short videos & app flyers (if existing)
  • Choose 2-3 social media channels and target your focus on them. Specific to Twitter – create and use specific hashtags when talking about your app so it is easily findable
  • Run local/national offline campaigns using QR codes and catchy phrases (post them on bus stations, libraries, thrift stores, etc.) to gain more eyeballs
  • Quick How-to-use the app video – short snippets and benefits of the app – 1-2m
  • Launch event – choose appropriate event (local, national, community driven)
  • Launch announcement on all social media channels – regular announcements for at least a month following the launch date, be personal
  • Press release following launch (can just be on your website, make sure to mention media features if any)
  • Contact local media outlets, send your press release to them, ask them to test and write about the app
  • If action alerts tab exists, include a welcome action alert to start a training wheel for users on how to take action
  • Use welcome push messages to encourage new user participation – for instance: ‘thanks for downloading, would you like to set up your account now?’ or ‘thanks for downloading, show your support and donate now’
  • Use analytics to see how the app is doing and also use this for promotion – ‘1000 downloads in 10 days’ etc. (try flurry if you haven’t already)
  • Blog extensively about your app
  • Contact relevant bloggers and gurus in your space (who can write about the app to their followers)
  • Contact industry specific blogs to test and write reviews for your app, send them success metrics if any
  • Start guest blogging to build back links to your site – see here for more
  • Share successful use cases (can be generated from the beta test)
  • If budget permits cross application advertising is proven to be good – services like admob, mobclix
  • Depend on word-of-mouth. Make sure your app is truly awesome

These are just a few of the cost-effective ways in which you can promote your app through hard work and focus. If you have experience in this, please share so others can benefit as well. Thanks!


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