There was once a day when businesses wanted a single mobile app and strategized around how they would monetize such an app after going to market. Nowadays businesses are building several mobile apps so the need to manage these apps has quickly become a new problem. Mobile apps generally serve a specific purpose for the business, whether the app was built for a specific event, product, or even a specific territory or location. With this said, the number of apps within an organization can quickly add up and the content within each of those apps will need to be managed.

Targeting specific groups of people or a specific niche with a mobile application usually helps keep the users of the app more engaged. While brands are quickly realizing this, they are scaling up from one app to a portfolio of apps before they know it. Updating your content, sending push messages or even changing the layout of your application is now possible without having to use a mobile developer. Just about anyone can manage apps through a single platform so there is no need to use outsourced mobile developers or hire a team internally to take on your mobile projects. Not only can you manage apps through these platforms but you can also build custom mobile apps and then deploy them to multiple platforms with the click of a button.

The SmartOn™ Mobile platform quickly solves the problem many companies were starting to have when looking for an easy solution to manage apps they currently had, as well as any that were on the roadmap. The user has complete control over their applications without the stale template look. Users can drag and drop components and rearrange the app design on the AppCanvas™ to fit their liking. Once the components of the app are setup, you can then modify colors and icons, and then deploy it to test devices or to each platform’s app marketplace.

Brands now have a way to build and manage apps internally without the need for a developer. This is allowing them to have complete control over the applications within their organization and not have to rely on a third party company for simple changes, content updates and push messages to their users.

The Fiscal Times (TFT) a fast-growing digital news, opinion and media publication has recently partnered with Smart Online to develop mobile apps for their consumers

“We’re very excited to offer our readers a new mobile platform that will increase consumer engagement. Our audience is ‘on the go’ and technologically savvy, and we want to give them an easy to navigate user experience,” said Jacqueline Leo, Editor in Chief of The Fiscal Times.  “After an extensive vetting process, we believe that Smart Online’s Smart Online platform provides the flexibility, analytics, and management to continue to build a successful mobile strategy.”

The Smart Online platform gives brands and organizations something which many didn’t think would be possible. Someone with little or no programming experience can build and manage mobile apps with the platform very quickly so that you can save time, money, and stay ahead of your competitors.

If your brand is looking into building your mobile app strategy or maybe you already have a mobile app and struggle with some of the shortcomings of that application and/or the management of that app, we would love to speak with you to get your mobile app strategy on the right track.