Mobile technology has changed the way we do just about everything, allowing for limitless possibilities. With increased use of smartphones and tablet devices, the hospitality industry in particular is starting to cap on mobile technology, increasing the potential for streamlining operations, growing interactivity, and making the gathering of customer feedback more beneficial.

Simplifying Operations

Mobile can be used to dramatically simplify daily operations. For example, hotels have to keep track of a large inventory of items, including furniture, appliances, computers, cleaning equipment, and so on. Instead of filling out endless amounts of paper work and then entering data into a computer, hotel staff can now use their mobile devices to scan bar codes on these items and instantly account for item location, condition, amount, making for a much more efficient and accurate inventory process.

Customer Satisfaction

A hotel’s housekeeping and concierge is always on the move and not always easy to reach. Yet, their services are vital to providing a quality guest experience. On their mobile device, housekeeping can instant message the front desk to confirm room availability; managers can locate the concierge on the nearest floor to respond to a customer request, and all within real-time.

In the hospitality industry, everything revolves around creating the optimal customer experience. By reading a guest’s feedback via mobile, a hotel manager can respond to the problem or complaint in the moment, before other guests are even aware. Hotels can also use their mobile platforms for surveys, or as an opportunity to ask guests be part of their email list. All of these things increase interactivity and build a stronger brand connection with the customer.

Increase Productivity

These mobile strategies make employees more efficient in operations, as well as customer support. By putting more resources towards utilizing mobility, hotels can put more value towards maintaining their existing customers rather than spending money trying to acquire new ones. This is where mobile technology accelerates new revenue opportunities by enhancing guest experience, from check-in to checkout.