hospital ITAs a healthcare leader, you need your hospital IT budget to meet the needs of a growing patient base.  The challenge is that implementing new technology – like mobile apps – can be expensive.  A report by Premier indicates 72 percent of healthcare leaders surveyed say IT is already the largest financial investment for their hospital.

So what’s the alternative to bringing on expensive mobile developers?   Here are a few key ways to optimize your existing hospital IT budget to win at mobile:

  • Understand the scope of custom development work.  Sure, that virtual, 360-degree experience might be cool – but these types of apps represent just a small percentage of the functions patients will likely use.  A recent study by McKinsey shows patients are wanting simple tools from their healthcare providers, not necessarily ones that require massive IT investments.
  • Get other departments like marketing involved. As an alternative to custom development, you might be surprised to learn that other business leaders are already creating apps. Digital marketers, graphic designers, and other line of business leaders are discovering they can contribute to projects with the right development platform and mobile strategy in place.
  • Create a mobile strategy that can prove ROI.  You don’t want to pour money into a custom project only to have patients not use your app.  According to Accenture, hospitals are only engaging 2 percent of patients via mobile due to apps that simply don’t fit the bill.  App analytics can help pinpont what’s working and what’s not – but this is only as valuable as your ability to act on this information.  The best way to do this is by incorporating an agile mobile strategy to implement quick changes.
  • Use a code free mobile app development platform.  A code free approach is a huge cost-saving benefit the MobileSmith platform offers hospital IT departments throughout the country.  Line of business leaders find it easy to bring their ideas to life, saving their hospital IT departments thousands of dollars in custom development work.

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