Your Patients and Members to Appropriate Care

Create a digital front door to improve the patient experience even when they’re not onsite. With a personalized view of available care options tailored to your facility or their health plan, patients can make informed and efficient choices.

Get and Keep Patients In-Network

Build a more comprehensive foundation for healthcare choices while delivering a dynamic suite of services geared to drive operational efficiencies.

  • Consumer-centric feed, intelligently tailored and configurable by consumer
  • Readily locate covered, in-network facilities like the nearest urgent care
  • Reliable resource for episodic as well as long-term healthcare needs
  • Value-added services include wait times, appointment scheduling, transportation, and more

Find Care From Anywhere​

Give members and patients an accessible way to always find the most convenient care in-network, no matter how unexpected the need.​

  • Filter by in-network facilities and pre-empt complex bill negotiations​
  • Choose between ER and Urgent Care with relevant price indexing to further tailor care level​
  • Single-tap access to call or get turn-by-turn navigation​
  • View ratings, hours, and other relevant information

Differentiate Care Options

Enhance member engagement with a natural-language symptom checker to help identify the right care at the right place at the right time.

  • Based on medically-validated database and highly vetted by over 20 peer-reviewed studies
  • Understands natural language input yet covers 10,000 diseases across all specialties
  • Mitigate generalized web searches and assess urgency without self-diagnosis
  • Direct patient to in-network options for appropriate care and maintain visibility of the patient’s care journey

For Brokers: Instant and Reliable Digital Care Navigation

Provide quick and timely access to coverage information and centralize support for estimation and authorization of care.

  • View current benefits used, deductibles, and out-of-pocket limits
  • A complete list of insurance ID cards, making everything easy to access during appointments
  • Value-added services include wait times, appointment scheduling, transportation, and more

For Providers: User-Friendly Mobile Wayfinding

Navigating the complexities of a health care facility is a major source of stress for patients at a critical moment, and represents a significant consumption of staff resources.

  • Photo landmark navigation utilizes scientific wayfinding best practices and simple universal icons to make it intuitive for any demographic or language group
  • No map reading, beacons, wi-fl connection or floor plans required
  • Offers special routes for accessibility
  • Easy installation and configuration with no development costs