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Embrace Healthcare’s New Front Door

Attract new patients with our Millennial Package that includes an interactive healthcare access + pregnancy app

Healthcare Access App

Create a digital front door to reinforce your brand to patients, families, and visitors and improve the patient experience even when they’re not onsite.

These convenient mobile tools can direct patients to the appropriate care location while maintaining continuity of care and health history.

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ER vs Urgent Care Hospital App
ER vs Urgent Care Guage

Symptom Checker

Differentiate Care Options

  • Enhance Patient Engagement — User-friendly tool that understands natural language input yet covers 10,000 diseases across all specialties
  • Promote Medically-Sound Resources — Based on a medically validated database and highly vetted by over 20 peer-reviewed studies
  • Triage Remotely — Mitigate generalized web searches and assess urgency without self-diagnosis; drive physician efficiency with pre-visit data collection and decision support tools
  • Drive Continuity of Care — Direct patient to in-system options for appropriate care and maintain visibility of the patient’s whole health

Wait Times & Check-in

Reduce ER Overcrowding

  • Wait Times — Dynamically-populated wait times for your ER or Urgent Care center(s)
  • ER or Urgent Care? — Identify top conditions and symptoms that warrant a trip to the ER, versus non-emergency symptoms that can be treated at a nearby Urgent Care center
  • Locations and Directions — Find the nearest Urgent Care center and tap to access GPS directions
  • What to Expect — A quick guide to your ER or Urgent Care visit: treatment procedures, discharge instructions, potential costs, and special instructions
Hospital App Wait Times
Urgent Care Wait Times App Screen
Healthcare Access - Hospital Wayfinding
Healthcare Access - Hospital Wayfinding


Help Patients Navigate Your Facilities

  • Find Your Way — Easy directions from any starting point and navigate directly to desired destination
  • Points of Interest — Define amenities and other points of interest inside a facility to create a searchable and navigable list
  • Parking — Locate parking options based on proximity or availability; GPS-enabled parking reminders make it simple to find the car upon leaving
  • Location-Based Messaging — Utilize beacons to customize push notifications for a variety of use-cases, including dwell times or feedback

Patient Portal

Improve Care Coordination

  • Lab Results — Check lab results quickly; access easily for future reference
  • Appointments — Keep track of upcoming appointments to maintain continuum of care
  • Medications — Document various medications and correct dosage for easy patient and caregiver access
  • Health History — Highlight outcome of each visit with necessary follow-up or outcomes

Pregnancy App

New parents today are primarily digital-native Millennials. An informative, customized Pregnancy App is critical to differentiate your system and capture the $600,000 lifetime value of these often new-to-the-healthcare-system families.

Keep them engaged and informed with weekly milestones and interactive tools and trackers, let them know what to expect throughout and promote your facility’s classes and events.

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Illustrated Milestones

Track Weekly Goals

  • Visual Tracker – Offer moms-to-be tangible ways to track baby’s growth and progress and encourage them through difficult stages of pregnancy
  • Tips and To-Dos – Highlight important steps as they arise, keeping parents on track without overwhelming them
  • Maintain Usage – Weekly status and updates encourage users to utilize the app frequently, making it easier to engage with additional features
  • Share the Excitement – Make it easy for partners and families to follow along with baby’s development

Patient Education

Inform Expectations

  • Nutrition and Personal Care – Ensure your moms-to-be are getting proper advice about eating right and exercising during pregnancy
  • Medical Procedures – Educate with regard to potential medical procedures to familiarize parents and alleviate fear or misconceptions, while reinforcing necessary preparation
  • Preventative Care – Clearly articulate what to expect and what is abnormal, identifying high-risk situations that need additional levels of care
  • On Arrival – Reduce anxiety and establish process for delivery, care, visitors, going home and more

Tools and Trackers

Prepare For The Big Day

  • Kick Counter – Track baby’s kick counts and fetal movements to monitor the baby’s well-being
  • Contraction Timer – A simple way for pregnant mothers and their partners to time labor contractions and frequency of contractions to determine the perfect time to leave for the hospital
  • Packing Lists – Checklist to reduce stress and make sure families have everything they need upon arrival
  • Recommendations – You don’t know what you don’t know—offer tips for items often missed or overlooked, like what size clothes mom can expect to wear post-delivery

Access App

  • Symptom Checker

    Condition Information

    Remote self-triage

  • Doctors and Locations

    Wait Times (one location)

    Mobile Check-in and Status (one location)

    Smart-sort by Wait Time and Distance

    Mapped View

  • Wayfinding

    Facility Map

    Location-based Messages

  • Patient Portal

    Integrate your Web App


  • Illustrated Milestones
  • Patient Education

    What to Expect on Arrival

    What to Expect When Going Home

    By Trimester

    High-risk Pregnancy

  • Tools And Trackers

    Kick Counter and Contraction Timer

    Packing List

    Feeding and Diaper Tracker

    Water Tracker

    Birth Plan


    Picture Journal


  • App Services



    Social Media


    App Registration

  • Managed Services

    90-day Launch Plan

    Integrate Your Content

    Named Account Rep

    Quarterly Business Reviews


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Blue-dot wayfinding

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Lab Results


Health History

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ER Patient Status

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