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Launch Quick and Custom Hospital Apps for Your Patients

Deliver multi-platform hospital apps in days – customize our prebuilt apps, or design from scratch. No coding required!

ER/Urgent Care Apps
Route your ER-Bound Patients to More Affordable Care Options
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Wayfinding Apps
Engage your patients with relevant, location-based push messages, maps, and images; Reduce stress Levels.

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Pregnancy/Childbirth Apps
Educate, Engage, Build Confidence, Help Adjust to Motherhood

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General Hospital Apps
Boost your Brand Exposure while Slashing Communication Costs
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Cancer Care / Outpatient Apps
Improve Patient Outcomes and Encourage Proactive Approach to Treatment

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Physician Referral Apps
Streamline the Patient Referral Process and Build Physician Relationships

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Wellness Apps

Encourage Your Patients to Keep Track of their Health; Build Community

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Medication Tracking Apps
Improve Prescription Adherence and Empower the Patient to Take Control

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Building a Cost-Effective
Mobile Wayfinding App

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Leveraging Mobile Apps
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Urgent Care Apps

Hospital Apps - Urgent Care App

Route Your ER-Bound Patients to More Affordable Urgent Care Options

Key Functionality:

  • Dynamic wait times – Streaming wait times for multiple urgent care centers
  • Ability to find nearby urgent care centers –Easily search for facilities by location
  • Contacts & directions – One-touch listings for all locations; maps; directions; contacts; insurance information
  • News & info – Engage patients in the community and promote your brand
  • Push notifications – Use the app to publish important announcements and health tips

Check out the Tanner Urgent Care App built with MobileSmith without coding!
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Wayfinding Apps

Hospital Apps - Wayfinding App

Help Patients Navigate Your Facility; Reduce Stress Levels

Key Functionality:

  • Geofencing – Send helpful push messages and maps at the entrance(s), in parking lots, and more.
  • Beacons – Use Bluetooth beacons to provide indoor wayfinding tips and alerts.
  • 2D and 3D Maps – Pop up maps show a user’s location and provides directions to key destinations.
  • Location-Based Alerts – Messages appear relating to promotions and other important information.
  • Quick Contacts – Equip your wayfinding app with easy contacts, GPS, and tap-to-call.

Check out the Sarasota Memorial hospital wayfinding app.
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Pregnancy/ Childbirth Apps

Hospital Apps - Pregnancy App

Educate, Engage, Build Confidence, Adjust to Motherhood

Key Functionality:

  • Illustrated pregnancy tracker – Track your baby’s development; receive weekly helpful tips and animated videos
  • Labor and birth – View a comprehensive guide to labor and birth; use a contractions timer
  • Postpartum care – Health and wellness guides for new mothers
  • Newborn Care – Everything you need to know about caring for a new baby

Check out the award-winning Gift of Motherhood app by Customized Communications.
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General Hospital Apps

General Hospital Apps

Boost Brand Exposure and Patient Loyalty While Slashing Communication Costs

Key Functionality:

  • General information – view general info and addresses; map & directions; accepted insurance; phone numbers with tap-to-call
  • Services – directory of services and specialists with tap-to-email or tap-to-call functions
  • Virtual tour – 360° views of rooms. Include interactive maps of hospital facilities showing times of operation and access instructions
  • ER wait times – stream dynamic wait times for all of your ER facilities
  • Interactive gallery, events, social media – engage your patients year-round with streaming content and interactive functionality

Check out the award winning UCLA Health app built with MobileSmith without coding.
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Outpatient Care/ Cancer Care Apps

Hospital Apps - Outpatient App

Improve Patient Outcomes and Encourage a Proactive Approach to Treatment

Key Functionality:

  • Track your treatment – Utilize a user-friendly pain tracker and treatment tracker to assess progress
  • My care team – Select and save a custom profile of your care team
  • Patient network – Connect with other cancer patients and patient support groups; share stories, ask questions and offer support
  • Lab results – Securely enter your information to receive lab results
  • Virtual wig gallery – Upload your photo and try on wigs; move and resize to fit your face
  • Plus much more!

Check out the award-winning Wake Forest Baptist Health Comprehensive Cancer Care App
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Physician Referral Apps

Hospital Apps - Physician Referral App

Streamline the Patient Referral Process and Build Physician Relationships

Key Functionality:

  • Physician profiles – One-tap access to profile information for your doctor – include photos, credentials, and publications
  • Addresses and directions – Easily find an address or locate a medical office/hospital
  • Physician lookup – Search for physicians by zip code, gender, medical specialty, and insurance provider
  • Request an appointment – Easily send an appointment request from the physician profile

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Wellness Apps

Hospital Apps - Wellness App

Encourage Patients to Keep Track of Their Health; Build Community

Key Functionality:

  • Health tracker – Personalized date-specific goals and daily progress tracking
  • Group exercise schedules – Daily & weekly class schedules for your locations
  • Wellness rewards points – Points redeemable for select pro shop items and services
  • Directions and 3D tour – One-touch listings for all locations; directions; 360° tours
  • Wellness tips – Stream customized content related to diet, exercise, and lifestyle and easily educate and motivate your patients

Check out MobileSmith’s HealthKeeper and the award-winning HCHC Healthy Living App.
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Medication Tracking Apps

Hospital Apps - Medication Tracking App

Improve Prescription Adherence and Empower Patients

Key Functionality:

  • Monitor dosage and intervals – Enter info and upload images to track your meds
  • Medication and appointment reminders – Set and receive automated reminders in the app
  • Log meals and eating habits – Use an interactive tracker with image gallery
  • Feelings tracker – Record your reaction to medications and track improvement

Check out MobileSmith’s PillPal app – even customize it for your organization.
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You Have 100% Control Over All of Your Apps

MobileSmith gives you full control – from design to launch; no coding!

  • Quickly prototype, customize, and build natively for iPhone, iPad, and Android – no coding!
  • Upload unique graphics; streamline the look and feel of your apps across platforms
  • Send apps over-the-air or submit directly to Apple and Android app stores
  • Update the look and feel of your apps and push content in real time
  • Use MobileSmith’s streamlined app versioning workflow to keep your apps up-to-date
  • A powerful, role-based Content Management System for each app
  • Include proximity-based messaging functions using our Gimbal integration
  • Include custom functionality via HTML5 or Java/Objective C applets in your native apps
  • And more!

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Our Commitment to HIPAA Compliance


MobileSmith is committed to delivering secure mobile applications for hospitals and healthcare organizations in ways that will not result in increased risks related to compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Our claim is supported by nGuard (, an information security services firm that provides exceptional security services to companies across multiple industries. Following a thorough analysis of our policies and information systems, nGuard has certified that our technology provides a secure solution to our healthcare customers and their end users.

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Our Executive Health mobile app was fully built and ready to hit the Apple and Android stores in a matter of days, even before the agreement was signed. We are impressed with the capabilities of the MobileSmith platform and look forward to using it to create a powerful mobile app portfolio for patient engagement.
Andrew QuinnAndrew Quinn, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

Request a 30-min Demo and Have your App in the Stores within Weeks!

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