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Urgent Care Apps

Hospital Apps - Urgent Care App

Route Your ER-Bound Patients to More Affordable Urgent Care Options

Key Functionality:

  • Dynamic wait times – Streaming wait times for multiple urgent care centers
  • Ability to find nearby urgent care centers –Easily search for facilities by location
  • Contacts & directions – One-touch listings for all locations; maps; directions; contacts; insurance information
  • News & info – Engage patients in the community and promote your brand
  • Push notifications – Use the app to publish important announcements and health tips

Check out the Tanner Urgent Care App built with MobileSmith without coding!

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Wayfinding Apps

Hospital Apps - Wayfinding App

Help Patients Navigate Your Facility; Reduce Stress Levels

Key Functionality:

  • Geofencing – Send helpful push messages and maps at the entrance(s), in parking lots, and more.
  • Beacons – Use Bluetooth beacons to provide indoor wayfinding tips and alerts.
  • 2D and 3D Maps – Pop up maps show a user’s location and provides directions to key destinations.
  • Location-Based Alerts – Messages appear relating to promotions and other important information.
  • Quick Contacts – Equip your wayfinding app with easy contacts, GPS, and tap-to-call.

Check out the Sarasota Memorial hospital wayfinding app.

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Pregnancy/ Childbirth Apps

Hospital Pregnancy App

Educate, Engage, Build Confidence, Adjust to Motherhood

Key Functionality:

  • Illustrated pregnancy tracker – Track your baby’s development; receive weekly helpful tips and animated videos
  • Labor and birth – View a comprehensive guide to labor and birth; use a contractions timer
  • Postpartum care – Health and wellness guides for new mothers
  • Newborn Care – Everything you need to know about caring for a new baby

Check out the Deaconess Oh Baby! app by Deaconess Health System.

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General Hospital Apps

General Hospital Apps

Boost Brand Exposure and Patient Loyalty While Slashing Communication Costs

Key Functionality:

  • General information – view general info and addresses; map & directions; accepted insurance; phone numbers with tap-to-call
  • Services – directory of services and specialists with tap-to-email or tap-to-call functions
  • Virtual tour – 360° views of rooms. Include interactive maps of hospital facilities showing times of operation and access instructions
  • ER wait times – stream dynamic wait times for all of your ER facilities
  • Interactive gallery, events, social media – engage your patients year-round with streaming content and interactive functionality

Check out the award winning UCLA Health app built with MobileSmith without coding.

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Outpatient Care/ Cancer Care Apps

Hospital Apps - Outpatient App

Improve Patient Outcomes and Encourage a Proactive Approach to Treatment

Key Functionality:

  • Track your treatment – Utilize a user-friendly pain tracker and treatment tracker to assess progress
  • My care team – Select and save a custom profile of your care team
  • Patient network – Connect with other cancer patients and patient support groups; share stories, ask questions and offer support
  • Lab results – Securely enter your information to receive lab results
  • Virtual wig gallery – Upload your photo and try on wigs; move and resize to fit your face
  • Plus much more!

Check out the award-winning Wake Forest Baptist Health Comprehensive Cancer Care App

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Physician Referral Apps

Hospital Apps - Physician Referral App

Streamline the Patient Referral Process and Build Physician Relationships

Key Functionality:

  • Physician profiles – One-tap access to profile information for your doctor – include photos, credentials, and publications
  • Addresses and directions – Easily find an address or locate a medical office/hospital
  • Physician lookup – Search for physicians by zip code, gender, medical specialty, and insurance provider
  • Request an appointment – Easily send an appointment request from the physician profile

Check out the UMMC MD Referral app by the University of Maryland Medical Center

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Patient Education Apps

patient education apps

Encourage Patients to Keep Track of Their Health; Build Community

Key Functionality:

  • Demo Videos – Clear instructions and demonstrations of key exercises to improve mobility and strength
  • Custom Exercise Routine – Personalized goals and daily progress tracking
  • Specific Applications – Exercises categorized by injury level and required modifications to prevent further injury
  • Resources – Additional educational assets and links to sources of credible information
  • Perpetual Access – App download ensures access regardless of geographic location or data availability

Check out the  SCI-Ex App by the Shepherd Center.

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Medication Tracking Apps

Hospital Apps - Medication Tracking App

Improve Prescription Adherence and Empower Patients

Key Functionality:

  • Monitor dosage and intervals – Enter info and upload images to track your meds
  • Medication and appointment reminders – Set and receive automated reminders in the app
  • Log meals and eating habits – Use an interactive tracker with image gallery
  • Feelings tracker – Record your reaction to medications and track improvement

Check out MobileSmith’s PillPal app – even customize it for your organization.

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