Save $300 Per Surgical Procedure

Reduce same-day cancellations and preventable readmissions with tailored perioperative apps

General Surgery App

Reduce costly same-day cancellations and preventable readmissions with a perioperative app tailored to your surgical workflows.

Timed notifications, digital trackers and interactive resources keep patients and caregivers engaged, informed and compliant—no matter where they left the information packet.

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perioperative screen
perioperative checklist

Preoperative Care

Ensure Adequate Preparation

Around 25 percent of same-day cancellations are due to inadequate preparation, with 73 percent of cancellations specifically attributed to a lack of patient preparation considered preventable.

  • Clear Instructions — Reinforce important instructions and restrictions that often lead to cancellations, such as dietary and driving restrictions or release to a caregiver
  • Pre-op Milestones — With checkpoints tied to surgery date, an app can keep patients on track with preparatory exercises, diet and more
  • Reminders — Create timely push notifications to ensure patients begin fasting or discontinue medication at the correct time

Appointment Assistance

Reduce Failure to Show

Engage patients with a heavily-utilized means like smartphones to offer clarity and visibility, delivered precisely when needed.

  • Reminders — Timely appointment reminders can avoid simple oversight or logistical issues
  • Resources — Patients may be unaware of available resources to overcome obstacles like transportation or financial clearance
  • Communication — Clearly explain what to expect and when to reduce patient anxiety or miscommunication between patient and provider
appointment app
appointment app
post opp exercise app

Patient Education

Improve Patient Health Literacy

Equip patients with medically-sound, readily-accessed information that can be processed over time and as-needed, rather than relying solely on a single overview within the confines of a doctor visit.

  • Complete Overview – Know what to expect through the process and understand the range of post-operative care needs to maintain realistic expectations
  • Exercises — Provide appropriate exercises for facilitating post-procedure recovery and preventing additional injury
  • Favorite Bookmarks – Create shortcuts for recommended foods or helpful tips
  • Care Team — Ensure caregivers are informed and prepared, regardless of location or involvement in pre-operative care

Care Coordination

Document Clear Care Pathways

  • Post-Op Milestones – Clarify what to expect at each stage and share tips for optimal recovery
  • Restrictions — Highlight critical restrictions and considerations between follow-ups
  • Medication Tracker – Document prescription and dosage information; add reminders directly to calendar to increase adherence
  • Emergency Care — Provide clear instruction regarding abnormal symptoms before complications worsen without treatment
TJA app

Specialty Surgery App

Increase throughput to surgery and improve post-operative adherence with an easy-to-use, surgery-specific perioperative app. Tailored to your facility and physician workflows, you can keep patients and caregivers engaged and promote your specialty areas of distinction:

  • Orthopedics/TJA app
  • Bariatric Program app
  • Colonoscopy app
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TJA app
Joint arthroplasty app

Total Joint Arthroplasty

Reduce uncertainty and improve outcomes for patients undergoing total joint arthroplasty by keeping them informed and in control of their recovery.

  • Provide overview of the various procedure options
  • Introduce physicians and favorite to My Care Team for ready access
  • Customize a pre-operative checklist to reduce cancellations and complications
  • Guide patients with notifications and reminders at key milestones pre- and post-op
  • Educate caregivers as to limitations and restrictions
  • Reinforce primary areas for concern during recovery, like circulation or dehydration

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is increasingly prescribed as a viable method to treat obesity and a range of other comorbid conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. Throughput remains low, however, with less than 1% of candidates undergoing surgery. Simplify the process with a Bariatric App tailored to your program—a go-to source of guidance available anytime, anywhere.

  • Discreet tools to assess eligibility
  • Promote in-person or online info sessions
  • Documented Patient Clearance Process
  • Post-op guidance, trackers and support
  • Facilitate comprehensive lifestyle changes and behavioral modification
bariatrics app
colonoscopy app
colonoscopy app


Improper prep for colonoscopies is a common issue with potentially dangerous implications—the overall miss rate for suboptimally prepared colonoscopies is 42% for all adenomas and 27% for advanced adenomas. Prescribe a Colonoscopy App when they schedule their appointment to reduce no-shows and poor quality visualizations caused by inadequate or mistimed prep.

  • Provide pre-op guidance and reminders
  • Highlight day-of necessities and restrictions
  • Improve screening quality with clear, step-by-step bowel prep instructions
  • Compile discharge information for patients and caregivers to easily reference

Surgery App

  • Set Surgery Date
  • Pre-Op Checklist
  • Surgery Overview
  • Post-Op Milestones
  • Medication Tracker
  • Pain Journal
  • FAQs
  • Patient Education
  • Physician List

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