Amplify Your Patient Encounters

Reduce cancellations and complications across episodes of care
with PeriPatient Pathways, an intuitive and patient-friendly
way to gain visibility and efficiency throughout
pre- and post-procedural adherence.
Right Care Right Time – missed events
Right Care Right Time – events

The Right Care at the Right Time

PeriPatient Pathways delivers milestones directly to the patient with a time-based approach to facilitate adherence and reduce confusion or anxiety.

  • Pre- and Post-Procedure Checklist – Clear documentation and helpful reminders keep patients on track to reduce cancellations and complications
  • Unified and Accessible – Single repository for all relevant instructions reduces the burden on patients and caregivers tasked with overseeing recovery
  • Visible Notifications – Leverage mobile reliance to trigger reminders and orient patients toward adherence
Patient Education – Dialogue
Patient Education – Dialogue and Video

Conversational Patient Education

Address anxieties and misconceptions and proactively answer the questions your patients have but don’t want to or know to ask.

  • Engaging Interface – Elevate the dialogue with conversational interface, video and images that improve communication across demographics
  • Configurable Encounters – Use preconfigured interactions or extend, customize, or replace with your own proven protocols
  • SMART Data – Collect anonymous data from many interactions and feed to machine learning to identify workflow improvements
Personalized Procedure -- DoP
Personalized Procedure – Dashboard

Personalized Procedure Guide​

Consolidate all relevant information at the patient’s fingertips to lessen anxiety and reduce no-shows, including a comprehensive overview of the procedure and related activities​.

  • Schedule – Highlight time and date of scheduled procedure​
  • Contact Number – Provide specific phone number with tap-to-call access​
  • Location – Identify procedure address, even if it is a secondary location, with tap-to-navigate access​
  • Ride Services – Reduce transportation burden with links to ridesharing or hospital-specific option
Customizable Prescription​

Customizable Prescription​

Providers can review and modify the instruction set to ensure each patient receives appropriate, personalized care.

  • Configurable Procedure Library – Use standard content or customize based on your physicians and protocols
  • EMR-Informed Selection – Incorporate patient’s health history and account for comorbidities or other considerations
  • Simple Digital Delivery – Provider shares prescription via secure text or email for instant access and review
Active Adherence Tracking

Active Adherence Tracking

Know when patients are out of compliance while intervention can most impact patient outcomes.

  • SMART Reactions – Adherence rules trigger custom experiences to get patients back on track and avoid negative outcomes, cancellations, and readmissions
  • Widespread Access – Inserted as module within EMR interface
  • Embedded Workflow – Streamline rather than add to scheduling process, reducing fatigue for nurses and doctors