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Launch Efficient Hospital Apps for Your Patients and Physicians

Deploy native, branded hospital apps in days – customize our prebuilt apps, or design from scratch.  No coding required! 

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ER/Urgent Care - Inspira Access
ER/Urgent Care Apps

Reduce Emergency Department overcrowding; keep your waiting room happy with simple ER apps.

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Pregnancy/Maternity - MyBaby@Jeff
Pregnancy/Maternity Apps

Engage expectant moms; help them have a fun and healthy pregnancy and motherhood; promote your OBGYN services.

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Physician Referral - UMMC MD Referral
Physician Referral Apps

Streamline and facilitate the patient referral process; build physician relationships.

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Patient Acquisition - Bariatric App
Patient Acquisition Apps

Drive brand awareness and increase patient volume for your hospital, affiliated clinics, or key service lines – bariatric, OBGYN, cancer care, etc.

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Hospital Wayfinding - Central Florida
Hospital Wayfinding Apps

Offer wayfinding and location-based messaging powered by geofencing and beacons in any of your apps.

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Pre-Op/Post-Op Apps

Improve surgical outcomes by pushing automated reminders based on tentative or past surgery date.

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Chronic Disease Management - MyHeartGuide by Einstein
Chronic Disease Mgmt Apps

Encourage patients to get educated about their condition and to keep track of their treatment.

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Population Health - HCHC Healthy Living
Population Health Apps

Encourage patients to lead a healthy lifestyle and to take control of their health.

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ER/Urgent Care Apps

Branded hospital apps - ER/Urgent Care

Reduce ED Overcrowding; Boost Patient Satisfaction

  • Streaming Wait Times – Dynamically populated wait times for your ER or Urgent Cares.
  • ER or Urgent Care? – Top conditions and symptoms that warrant a trip to the ER, vs. non-emergency symptoms that can be treated at a nearby Urgent Care clinic.
  • Locations and Directions – Find the nearest Urgent Care center; tap for GPS directions.
  • What to Expect – A guide to your ER visit: what to expect; how much it may cost; etc.

Check out the Inspira Access app by Intraprise Solutions.

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Pregnancy/Maternity Apps

Branded Hospital apps - Pregnancy/Maternity

Engage Expectant Moms; Promote Your OBGYN Services

  • Illustrated Milestones – Enter your due date and learn fascinating facts about your baby’s development.
  • Interactive Tools – Kick counter, Contraction timer, Packing List, Pregnancy Journal.
  • Appointments – Keep track of your OBGYN appointments and get automated reminders.
  • Services and Key Contacts –Get in touch with your doctor or midwife with a single tap.

Check out the beautiful MyBaby@Jeff app by Jefferson Health

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Physician Referral Apps

Physician Referral Apps - UMMC MD Referral

Facilitate Referrals to your Health System

  • Physician profiles – One-tap access to profile information – include photos, credentials, and publications.
  • Addresses and directions – Easily find an address or locate a medical office/hospital.
  • Physician lookup – Search for physicians by zip code, gender, medical specialty, and insurance provider.
  • Request an appointment – Easily send an appointment request from the physician profile.

Check out MD Referral by University of Maryland Medical Center.

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Patient Acquisition Apps

Branded Hospital Apps - Patient Acquisition

Increase Patient Volume for your Service Lines

  • Superstar Surgeon profile; five-star patient reviews; key facts and value proposition.
  • Live Info-Session – Drive registrations via the app; send automatic reminders and GPS directions.
  • For those unable or too shy to attend in person, offer a Virtual Info-Session – videos, quizzes, etc.
  • Prequalify new patients via interactive questionnaires; encourage to schedule a visit.

Check out our customizable Bariatric Center App!

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Hospital Wayfinding Apps

Hospital Wayfinding Apps - Sarasota Memorial

Help Patients Navigate your Facility; Improve Patient Experience

  • Geofencing – Send helpful push messages and pointers at the entrance(s), in parking lots, etc.
  • Beacons – Use Bluetooth beacons to provide indoor wayfinding tips and alerts.
  • 2D and 3D Maps – Show a user’s location and provide directions to key destinations.
  • Location-Based Alerts – Pop up contextual messages: promotions, announcements, surveys, and more.

Check out the award-winning Sarasota Memorial Hospital wayfinding app.

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Pre-Op/Post-Op Apps

Branded Hospital Apps: Pre-op/Post-op

Reduce Patient Attrition; Improve Adherence and Outcomes

  • Pre-op Checklist – Based on the scheduled surgery date, push automated reminders and prep tips.
  • Post-Op Trackers – Enforce adherence by pushing scheduled reminders for post-operative care.
  • Condition-Specific Education – Include condition- and surgery-specific information and easy search in each app.
  • Share Your Progress – Interactive gallery to share “before and after” shots, weight loss progress, etc.

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Chronic Disease Management Apps

Hospital Apps - Chronic Disease Management

Educate and Activate Chronic Patients

  • Condition-Specific Apps – Launch targeted apps for your various chronic patient populations – diabetes, COPD, asthma, heart disease, etc.
  • Risk Assessment – Offer interactive quizzes to evaluate the diabetes risk, COPD group, etc.
  • Living Well With… – Learn about your condition and how to minimize its impact.  Keep useful facts and tips always at hand!
  • “Panic Button” – Save your emergency contacts – physician, nurse, caretakers – for easy one-tap access.

Check out the award-winning My Heart Guide app by Einstein Healthcare System.

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Population Health Apps

Branded Hospital Apps - Wellness

Encourage Patients to Lead Healthy Lifestyles

  • Health Trackers – Patients can set date-specific goals and track their daily progress.
  • Group Exercise Schedules – Daily and weekly class schedules for your wellness locations.
  • Healthy Recipes – Searchable recipes with nutrition information; cooking classes, videos, and more!
  • Wellness Tips and Reward Points – Stream engaging content on diet, exercise, and lifestyle to educate and motivate your patients. Offer wellness reward points redeemable for select pro shop items and services.

Check out the award-winning HCHC Healthy Living app by Henry County Health Center.

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You Have 100% Control Over All of Your Apps

MobileSmith gives you full control – from design to launch; no coding!

  • Quickly customize your selected app and build natively for iOS and Android with one click.
  • Upload unique graphics; streamline the look and feel of your apps across platforms.
  • Send apps over-the-air or submit directly to Apple and Android app stores
  • Update the look and feel of your apps and push content in real time
  • Include proximity-based messaging functions using our Gimbal integration
  • Include custom functionality via HTML5 or Java/Objective C applets in your native apps

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Our Commitment to HIPAA Compliance


MobileSmith is committed to delivering secure mobile applications for hospitals and healthcare organizations in ways that will not result in increased risks related to compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Our claim is supported by nGuard (, an information security services firm that provides exceptional security services to companies across multiple industries. Following a thorough analysis of our policies and information systems, nGuard has certified that our technology provides a secure solution to our healthcare customers and their end users.

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