Integra iConnect Home Care AppRALEIGH, NC, June 30, 2015 – MobileSmith is pleased to share the success story of its customer Integra ServiceConnect, a Maryland-based care coordination company, who has used the MobileSmith platform to build and distribute iConnect, a native app for its employees, to streamline and optimize its community-based service coordination program. Based on the trial, this home care app is expected to result in a twofold increase in program efficiency.

For nearly two decades, Integra has worked in communities across multiple states, deploying “feet-on-the-street” teams of non-clinical Community Coordinators to find, engage, and connect individuals to better health care outcomes, helping them to overcome barriers. Customers include health plans, providers, and government organizations.

“Life is so much easier for our Community Coordinators with the iConnect app”, said Rob Bayne, Data Manager at Integra ServiceConnect. “Online data entry, that used to be cumbersome and redundant, now takes half as much time, and can be done on-the-fly. MobileSmith is a powerful tool that makes app development, management and integration with our systems really fast, easy and cost-efficient.”

iConnect mobile app deployment resulted in improved of efficiency for Integra Community Coordinators. Available for iOS and Android and deployed internally via enterprise distribution, the app allows employees to:

  • Securely log in and get a daily list of patients to visit;
  • Pull up patient data by location and demographics; retrieve and edit data;
  • Enter notes as they speak with the patient (an estimated 50 percent drop in time spent on data entry and editing, compared to the previous process);
  • Identify and immediately address care gaps.

“We are excited to help Integra ServiceConnect to save time and money with an innovative mobile solution for their community care coordinators,” said Robert Hancock, MobileSmith VP of Sales. “Mobile empowers both patients and employees, and the most useful apps are created by those who are closest to the potential user. MobileSmith gives Intergra’s stakeholders full control of their mobile app strategy.”

MobileSmith (OTCBB:MOST) is a powerful online platform that allows non-programmers to easily prototype, deploy, and manage native applications for iOS and Android smartphones and iPad tablets without coding. MobileSmith customers can manage each app from a cloud CMS; securely integrate their apps with data sources without increased risk to HIPAA compliance, and create affordable wayfinding apps powered with geofencing and beacons. Follow @TheMobileSmith!

Integra ServiceConnect is a non-clinical healthcare service company that connects people to service that improves their health. Specializing in community-based non-clinical support for individuals with healthcare and related social service needs, the Owings Mills, MD.-based company helps health plans, health systems and government organizations find, engage and connect underserved members to care that can preserve and improve their health. Integra has been providing community-based services for individuals with complex healthcare needs for more than two decades. Follow @IntegraConnects!