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Chronic Disease Patients

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need help managing their condition

mHealth apps show a positive impact on patient self management through behavioral modification.

Medication Adherence

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of adults are non-adherent

Users of health apps have shown increased adherence through improved health literacy.

Preventable Readmissions


cost per year

mHealth apps have been shown to lower 90-day readmission rates according to a Mayo Clinic study.

Missed Appointments

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cost per year

Homescreen reminders and wayfinding apps can increase the number of on-time appointment arrivals.

ROI Calculators

Use our ROI Calculators to quickly estimate how much money your hospital could save annually.

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Improving HCAHPS scores, cutting costs

What if you could make your patients happier, healthier, and also reduce your carbon footprint? That’s what South Shore Health System does with their pregnancy app.

Faced with the fact that 84 percent of babies are born to millennials, this Boston-area healthcare system is engaging them more directly in this highly-competitive market. South Shore has been able to overcome traditional communication barriers and significantly improve HCAHPS scores within six months.

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Simplifying experiences in multiple service lines

With Amazon, Apple, and countless others jumping into healthcare, great consumer experiences are becoming the norm. Roper St. Francis understands that improving the patient experience pays dividends in terms of HCAHPS scores and new patient volume. Roper’s marketing team has risen to the challenge by releasing apps for Bariatrics, OB-GYN, and General Surgery to change healthcare one app at a time.

Learn the best practices of this innovative healthcare system – plus traps to avoid so you can improve health outcomes, patient satisfaction, and grow profit margins.

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“IT has limited resources which we understand, so they can’t always move at the pace we’d like to move. The MobileSmith model of services has made that much easier to conceptualize and get to market quickly.”

– Krista Robertson, Interactive Marketing Manager at Roper St. Francis Healthcare