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The Healthcare APPtitude radio show will cover a lot of ground in 2020. From the rising costs of healthcare in America, to the political implications of the upcoming presidential election, we’ll examine some of the groundbreaking advances that healthcare’s thought leaders and industry influencers are bringing to the table. From an IT standpoint, we’ll address how the latest apps are helping health systems bend the cost curve and address the need for better patient engagement. But we’ll also learn best practices from leaders outside of our industry, and how they are helping to influence the trajectory of healthcare for years to come.

COVID-19 Communication Insights: A Healthcare APPtitude Exclusive Interview
with Deaconess Health System.

Healthcare APPTitude

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Bruce Kennedy

Meet the Host

A healthcare marketing strategist with more than 20 years’ experience in multiple care delivery environments, including surgical patient safety and quality and digital hospital product development, Kennedy leads MobileSmith Health’s expansion of new and existing hospital client and project growth as well as oversees client success operations and client application utilization. Bruce has been a driving force behind the success of Peri™, the EMR-connected patient pathway app to help healthcare embrace its new front door.