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Introducing Hospital App Blueprints

A suite of prebuilt and proven health apps laser-focused on generating measurable ROI for hospitals and healthcare systems.  No coding required! 

Reduce ED Crowding; Improve Patient Experience

ER/Urgent Care App

  • Provide wait time transparency
  • Raise awareness about alternative urgent care options
  • Divert low-acuity patients to UC centers
  • Provide a controlled channel for immediate feedback
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Drive Patient Volume for Service Lines & Activate Patients

Patient Engagement Apps

Launching a new program, or expanding your facility? Drive patient volume with efficient patient engagement apps:

  • Bariatric Program app
  • Birth Center app
  • Wellness Center app
  • Cancer Center app
  • and more!
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Improve Adherence, Care Coordination, and Population Health

Chronic Disease Management

Launch targeted, condition-specific apps to engage, activate, and educate various groups of patients:

  • Diabetes
  • COPD
  • Asthma
  • Heart Health
  • and more!
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Engage Physicians & Facilitate Referrals to your Health System

Physician Referral & Engagement

Engage your physicians and reduce referral leakage with customized, dynamic physician-facing apps:

  • One-tap referrals
  • Dynamic directory
  • Enhanced MD profiles
  • And more!
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Reduce Emergency Room Overcrowding & Improve the Patient Experience

urgent care app blueprint

ER/Urgent Care App

Reduce ER Overcrowding; Boost Patient Satisfaction

Is your Emergency Department bursting at the seams? Are you struggling to keep your waiting room happy? Offer your patients this simple, efficient ER/Urgent Care app and improve their emergency care experience.
  • Wait Times —Dynamically-populated wait times for your ER or Urgent Care center(s)
  • ER or Urgent Care? —Identify top conditions and symptoms that warrant a trip to the ER, versus non-emergency symptoms that can be treated at a nearby Urgent Care center
  • Locations and Directions —Find the nearest Urgent Care center and tap to access GPS directions
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hospital wayfinding app

Hospital Access App

Help Patients Navigate Your Facilities

Launching an efficient wayfinding/concierge app should not be a hassle. MobileSmith offers a quick, cost-effective solution utilizing proximity beacons and geofencing technology.
  • Navigation Tips —Deploy beacons in strategic locations and employ push messaging to redirect users to specific app pages, such as maps or service directory
  • Track Traffic —Track time spent by visitors or staff at various locations, such as waiting rooms or patient rounds
  • Highlight Local Area —Let patients and visitors know about convenient restaurants, pharmacies, and other nearby points of interest
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Drive Patient Volume for Service Lines and Activate Patients

pregnancy app blueprint

Service Line Marketing: Pregnancy App

Engage Expectant Moms; Promote Your OBGYN Services

Today's moms are mobile-savvy and accustomed to getting mobile health advice. Offer them a beautifully designed, informative, branded pregnancy app and engage them throughout their journey.
  • Illustrated Milestones —Enter your due date and know what to expect as you follow along with baby's development
  • Interactive Tools —Kick counter, contraction timer, packing list, photo gallery, and pregnancy journal
  • Appointments —Keep track of your OBGYN appointments and get automated reminders; record questions for your doctor at each appointment
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weight loss surgery app

Service Line Marketing: Bariatric Center

Drive New Patient Activation and Throughput

Bariatric surgery is a safe, efficient method of weight loss. Promote your bariatric surgery services and engage your patients with an informative app packed with useful functionality.
  • Info-Sessions —Drive new patient registrations via the app, and offer virtual info sessions for those unable or too shy to attend in person
  • Pre-op Checklist — Customized checklist for the patient clearance process ensures they understand the steps to successfully complete pre-op requirements
  • Stay on track —In-app messages and push notifications reinforce clearance process to-do list, offering additional touchpoints to remind patients and improve surgery conversion rate
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Improve Adherence, Care Coordination, and Population Health

hip replacement app

Pre-op/Post-op: Total Hip Arthroplasty

Improve Outcomes and Reduce Preventable Readmissions

Reduce uncertainty and improve outcomes for patients undergoing total hip arthroplasty (THA) surgery by keeping them informed and in control of their recovery.
  • Pre- and Post-Op Notifications —Get notifications based on your surgery date to ensure you are properly prepared and understand your surgeon's expectations
  • Recommended Exercises —Targeted exercises to help facilitate your recovery and prevent additional injury
  • Progress Trackers —Track your pain levels, exercise plan, and more to evaluate progress or setbacks
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diabetes app

Chronic Disease Management: Diabetes

Engage Chronic Patients and Improve Population Health

Do your diabetic patients regularly engage with your content and keep their condition controlled? Offer them a branded, interactive diabetes app—a great tool to increase touchpoints and reduce the costs of non-adherence.
  • Interactive Trackers —Track your blood glucose, diet, exercise, and more
  • My Care Team —Add your physician, dietitian, and caretakers to a personalized care team for quick access; enter appointments and get reminders
  • Living Well with Diabetes —Learn about your condition, and get daily or weekly health tips and healthy recipes
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copd app

Chronic Disease Management: COPD

Improve Engagement and Outcomes; Reduce Readmissions

Give your COPD patients useful data, trackers, and tips always at hand with this easy-to use app. Help your patients control their condition and avoid repeat trips to the hospital.
  • Action Plan —Assess your status and know when to seek medical attention
  • Track Your Health —Exercise, scores, medications, appointments, and more
  • Living Well with COPD —Learn about your condition and how to minimize its impact
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tonsillectomy app

Pre-op/Post-op: Tonsillectomy

Heighten Patient Satisfaction and Increase Throughput

Encourage proper preparation and post-operative care in tonsillectomy patients to reduce risk of complications and alleviate concerns regarding normative symptoms.
  • Preparation Checklist —Receive timed instructions to discontinue certain foods or medications and have a proper care plan in place
  • Recovery Milestones —Track your recovery progress and monitor what is normal and what requires additional medical attention
  • Complete Overview —Know what to expect through the process, how the surgery is performed, and other treatment information
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Engage Physicians & Facilitate Referrals to your Health System

patient referral app

Physician Referral App

Facilitate Referrals to Your Health System

Referrals are made easy with this dynamic, informative app. Add departments or specialties as needed—the directory and content can be updated on-the-fly with no need to republish your app.
  • Physician Profiles — One-tap access to enhanced MD profiles, including photos, videos, publications, or reviews
  • Find a Physician —Search for physicians by name, location, specialty, or accepted insurance to identify current in-network or preferred referrals
  • Locations and Directions —Easily locate a medical office or hospital and tap for GPS directions
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Our Commitment to HIPAA Compliance


MobileSmith is committed to delivering secure mobile applications for hospitals and healthcare organizations in ways that will not result in increased risks related to compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Our claim is supported by nGuard (, an information security services firm that provides exceptional security services to companies across multiple industries. Following a thorough analysis of our policies and information systems, nGuard has certified that our technology provides a secure solution to our healthcare customers and their end users.

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