No matter how you slice it, moving is among the most hectic tasks you can undertake. The process is a necessary evil likely to occur more than once in your lifetime, whether you moved with your parents as a child or will soon pack up your own family and head out with professional movers. Whether you’re relocating to a studio apartment across town or your company is opening a new branch across the country, everyone can use some help to get the job done faster and more efficiently. Thankfully, the popularity and prevalence of Smartphones and mobile apps are available to help simplify moving day.

1. GPS apps

During your move, you might be transporting your belongings across state lines. As the landscape is bound to be somewhat unfamiliar, utilizing a GPS smartphone app may be just the key to get you where you’re going. Companies like Garmin have developed iPhone and Android apps that give you step-by-step instructions to traverse interstates and city streets, such as StreetPilot. Gone are the days of messing with an atlas at a rest stop. Simply hand the phone to your navigator and find your way in your new city in no time.

2. Help with budgeting

There’s a whole lot more to moving than simply loading up the truck and hitting the road. You also need to figure out how much the entire move is going to cost and budget accordingly. Smartphone apps like Expenditure, iReconcile and Mint allow you to create detailed budgets, financial goals and checkpoints to ensure you don’t break your budget or go into significant debt during the moving process. You can also link specific bank or credit card accounts associated with your relocating funds and allocate the monies appropriately.

3. Apps for time management and organization

Everything about a move is on a schedule. As you have specific days for moving out and in, scheduled appointments for utility hookups and a moving truck that needs to be returned on time, staying organized is paramount. Avoid late fees or other rental penalties with time management apps like ReQall and OmniFocus, which allow you to create detailed lists to organize tasks according to priority. Time can run out fast between planning, packing and driving time. Let the apps send you free text messages to let you know if you’re running behind on a certain task.

4. Set the scene

Location-based apps keep you on track and allow you to efficiently manage your trip in real time. The Orbitz iPhone application lets you search for, reserve and find your way to hotels, as well as book flights and/or rent a car for getting to your destination. Other apps like AutoZone and Rest Area Finder help you ensure your vehicle is in top running shape and that you’re able to take frequent breaks while on the road, respectively.

Although a stable of smartphone apps won’t pack your boxes or put things away in your new home, they can make your move easier to plan, manage and complete, no matter where you are in the process.