Need to Reduce Emergency Department Overuse?

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The Benefits of Mobile at the Emergency Department

Wait Time and Payment Transparency

ER App - Reducing Emergency Department Overuse

For Patients Arriving to your ED

  • Wait Times: Display the current ED wait time and the approximate total wait time post-triage.
  • Want to be seen sooner? See the closest urgent care center; Tap to get GPS directions.
  • Meet your Primary Care Provider: Include photo profiles of primary physicians in the network; Tap to request appointment.
  • Minimize Your Bill: Engineer your patients’ behavior around the financial aspects of visiting the ED by providing transparent example-based explanations of ED costs vs. urgent care co-pay + insurance bill.

Information on Alternative Primary or Urgent Care Options

ER App - Reducing Emergency Department Overuse

For Patients Researching Emergency Care

  • We care about your time! Offer a simple questionnaire to help your patients predict whether they are likely to be admitted if they go to the ER with their symptoms.
  • Display a map of urgent care centers within proximity; hours of operation; Tap for GPS directions.
  • Show dynamically populated wait times for in-network urgent care centers.
  • Search for urgent care centers by accepted insurance.
  • Minimize Your Bill: Include a simple explanation of why it makes more sense financially to avoid going to the ER with minor issues.  Provide examples of relative costs for common conditions: Urgent care co-pay vs. final bill, as opposed to the total ER bill.

Dedicated Channel for Immediate Feedback

ER app with beacons

Provide a Channel for Immediate Feedback

  • Use beacon technology to track app users’ dwell times in the ED waiting room
  • We are listening! We are keen to improve our service. Tell us about your experience!
  • Patients can send feedback via the app; add images and comments.
  • The in-app “vent board” is managed and responded to by your team.

How We Work with You

We invite you to start a mobile pilot at your Emergency Department.
We will:

  • Work diligently with your ED stakeholders to identify the key problems and the patient behaviors that contribute to them.
  • Identify the patients’ mobile moments we can leverage to modify these behaviors.
  • Design a polished mobile experience for your patients and an easy app management strategy for your staff.
  • Together, use the MobileSmith Platform to build out your app iteratively and launch it to a focus group or to general audience.
  • Train your team to take over further design and development.
  • Benchmark and measure key performance indicators.

Explore the Benefits of our White Label App Solution

Why Use a Platform?

Why Use a Platform?

  • Creating your app in the MobileSmith platform enables us to apply the agile methodology and ensure that your final app fully meets your expectations.
  • Start small; prototype the first version rapidly; launch the initial version of your app in weeks.
  • Test on real devices; iterate often; polish the workflow and user experience.
  • Track app analytics and update the UI on the fly; ensure the success of your app.
  • Manage your app and update content in real time – no need to resubmit/ re-download the app.

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Leveraging Mobile Apps to Reduce Emergency Room Overcrowding

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