Dieterle: Deep Linking with mobile apps is nearDeep-linking technology is evolving to where mobile users will be able to connect to in-app content, according to the COO of MobileSmith. Bob Dieterle sat down to talk MobileSmith, customer engagement, and the future of mobile applications with Ann Revell-Pechar and Michael Lauer of Business Radio X, during last week’s NCTA: State of Technology conference.

“The technology is just starting to evolve where 

[deep links] will be calling a native app,” Dieterle shared, “If the app is recognized on the phone, and bringing up the content inside the app.”

In addition to deep linking with mobile apps, the MobileSmith executive also talked about the potential of iBeacons and several other innovative ways organizations are engaging users with mobile apps. The full interview can be heard below:

Bob Dieterle Interview @ NCTA: State of Technology

Don’t Fall Behind the Curve

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