This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE INSIGHT: Deep Linking Directly to In App Content on the Near Horizon

MobileSmith COO Bob Dieterle talked mobile apps on Business Radio X, during last week’s NCTA State of Technology. Deep linking between apps, allowing users to go directly to content inside of the app instead of just to the app homepage, is one of the major breakthroughs he sees on the horizon for the mobile industry. Dieterle also talked about the major benefits of beacon technology and the essential nature of apps in business today. Listen to the Full Interview >

MOBILE HEALTH: Is Anonymity the Secret to Success for Health Apps?

It is very common for people to be uncomfortable when talking about their illnesses and ailments. With new anonymous messaging apps like Whisper, many are wondering if these identity-protecting features will be incorporated into the mHealth industry, and help people who may otherwise be too embarrassed to seek help. Is anonymity the key to encourage people to seek medical information via mobile? Read More >

MOBILE MARKETING: Secrets of a Successful App Launch

Building an app is an expensive and difficult process, but it is the launch itself that is the most essential key to an app’s success. Good marketing strategies such as PR for your app and incorporating SEO optimization are potential ways to get your app off the ground floor. Will developers be able to serve as effective marketers for their mobile apps? Read More >

MOBILE ADVERTISING: The Difference Between App to App and Web to App Advertising

With mobile devices, and the apps contained within them, increasingly “always on”, advertisers are constantly looking for better ways to engage users. Having the right technology in place to gain insights and measure campaign success are crucial for advertisers on any medium. What strategies will help advertisers achieve ultimate campaign success with mobile apps? Read More >

MOBILE FUTURE: Apps in Space! Boeing Looking at Mobile Tech for New Astronaut Taxi

Boeing and Samsung are teaming up to try and incorporate more mobile technology and applications into Boeing’s new “astronaut taxi” craft. Apps to share photos from space, as well as others which notify astronauts when they are orbiting over a specific location, are some of the different apps that people have currently been in use aboard the International Space Station. Are mobile apps the key to driving further scientific breakthroughs in space? Read More >


Use tabs to enhance user navigation in your apps!

Design tabs in the MobileSmith AppCanvasTM to point users to different app pages or features. A bottom tab bar can be created on the home canvas and will display identically on every page of your app. See More >

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