While looking for options to streamline company-wide communications, Deaconess Health System planned to implement a platform where doctors, nurses, technicians, non-medical staff and volunteers could access all hospital news and information in one place. The realization that the seven-hospital health system’s 7,300 employees were constantly on the move all day long, in addition to a portion of employees having no access to a corporate email account, placed this need as a high priority in FY20. That timeline was quickly expedited once the southern Indiana-based health system found itself in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic that struck our nation and continues to push the U.S. healthcare system to the brink. They needed to get accurate and timely information to the entire Deaconess community – and fast.

Deaconess Health System COVID Mobile Response App

“These are uncertain times. We quickly realized that information was rapidly evolving and needed to be distributed to internal teams as quickly and effortlessly as possible. This includes the latest guidance from federal and state health departments, recommendations from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), customized information about our facilities, as well as training resources and communications from our health system’s leadership,” said Bill Donnelly, Digital Marketing Manager with Deaconess Health System.

While the majority of staff communication disseminated via an intranet, nurses and physicians were often too busy treating patients to be consistently monitoring online communications. In addition, many employees and volunteers did not have access to health system email accounts.

“We needed a solution that could easily, quickly and conveniently deliver the latest, most accurate information and protocols surrounding COVID-19 to our staff, regardless of if they were logged in to the intranet or not,” added Donnelly. “That’s when we turned to MobileSmith Health, who jumped right in to support this critical project.”

Last month, MobileSmith Health announced the launch of their COVID Response Mobile Apps. The apps were designed to engage hospital patients, staff and volunteers by relaying the latest and most accurate guidance, data and alerts related to the global pandemic. The MobileSmith Managed Services team works closely with health system customers like Deaconess to guide and expedite the implementation of these apps.

“We told them about the need this app would address, along with a timeline, and the dedicated MobileSmith Health team didn’t hesitate to bring this important resource right to our front door,” said Donnelly.

App Downloads
3,500 App Downloads
(50% of the hospital’s staff)
App Session Time
2-10 minutes Average
App Session Time
Total App Sessions
23,500 Total
App Sessions

MobileSmith moved quickly to help deploy the app. In just a short amount of time, Deaconess became the first provider to implement MobileSmith Health’s COVID Response – Staff app. Now, all health system staff have immediate access to communication from leadership and access to daily updates right on their smartphones. The multi-faceted app also includes a separate tab specifically geared toward nurses and another for physicians, which is updated with the latest training videos, standards and protocols surrounding the Coronavirus. In addition, the app includes external resources for community information, including critical PPE training, the latest CDC guidelines, state and federal issued travel advisories, testing site information and instructions for home care and more.

As of April 16, more than 3500 or 50% of the hospital’s staff have downloaded the app. Users are active between two and 10 minutes per session, with more than 23,500 sessions tracked in the first two weeks of the app’s launch. Deaconess employees – from volunteers all the way through to senior administration – now have the most current information and statistics at their fingertips without having to update the app.

Donnelly described how future plans include expanding the current app, once the COVID crisis has subsided: “Although unfortunate circumstances brought this app to the forefront, if there is a silver lining, this app will become a long-term and extremely valuable communication resource for all Deaconess Health System staff.”

The MobileSmith Health COVID Response Mobile Apps are immediately available to U.S. hospitals with waived licensing and subscription fees, as well as deferred invoicing so hospitals can give focus and attention to the crisis itself. For more information about the COVID Response Mobile Apps, please visit https://www.mobilesmith.com/covid-response/ or contact MobileSmith at sales@mobilesmith.com or call 855-516-2413 x1.