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Day 2 Quiz

In your MobileSmith account there is an App Project titled “Day 2 Quiz”. Send yourself a Test App for this App Project and download it to your phone. Use the items listed below to identify the problems in the app, then go into App Project to correct these issues.

Send yourself a Test App to review your changes on the device. When finished, enter your build link in the form below for review.

Problem 1: I tapped on Connect with Us on the Home screen but nothing happens.

Problem 2: I cannot add an emergency contact.

Problem 3: I click to see the doctor’s information but the screen appears to be empty.

Problem 4: I want to find the closest location to me but on my phone nothing is showing for locations.

Problem 5: I want to visit the Facebook page for MobileSmith Hospital, but when I tap on the button all I get is a blank screen.