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Day 1 Quiz

Please answer the questions to the quiz in the fields provided. When the quiz is finished, please click on submit so it can be graded. You must receive a score of 80% to pass the quiz. An email will be sent with further instructions to proceed to Day 2 after the quiz is completed with a passing score.

1. I have uploaded an image for a specific App Project into my Image Library. Will I be able to use that image for future App Projects?

2. You have created a new App Project from scratch but you realize that you need to go back and change the Navigation type from “No Menu” to “Navigation Bar”. Where do you go to make this change?

3. How do you create an Action: Call App Block?

Add New App Block, Enter Phone Number, Click Apply, Add a Button to Home Screen, Complete Configuration Screen, Click ApplyEnter Item Name, Choose App Block Type, Click Apply, Add New App Block, Do the Funky Chicken, Click ApplyAdd New App Block, Enter Item Name, Choose App Block Type, Click Apply, Complete Configuration Screen, Click Apply, Add a Button to Home ScreenAdd New App Block, Click Apply, Complete Configuration Screen, Click Apply, Add a Button to Home Screen

4. I have put a button in the area labeled as iPhone 5 Extension on the Home Canvas. Will the user be able to see this on the iPhone 4?

5. I want to create a dropdown list for my Form Submission to Email AppBlock. Where would I create this list?

6. Name the three types of Platform Extensions that can be used in the MobileSmith Platform.

7. In my App Project, I have created an Action: Map AppBlock titled “Find Us”, but I do not see it in the app that I downloaded on my phone. What is wrong?

8. I have downloaded a test app to my iPhone 5, but I noticed that there are black bars at the bottom and top of the screen. Why am I seeing this?

9. Why is it important to perform Data Mapping?

Data mapping allows you to map each “field type” and/or an “input type” to determine how data will be displayed in the app, determine what features are available, and how a field can be shared by the userData Mapping is only necessary to design the canvasAll AppBlocks use Data Mapping to create fields to design the app. You will always use the same fields and you will always have the same options in every AppBlockThe MobileSmith Platform automatically maps the data for you. You only need to save it to move forward with designing your canvas

10. I changed the spelling of a word on the Home Screen, do I have to create a new test build?

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