The Gift of Motherhood pregnancy app by Customized CommunicationsRALEIGH, N.C., Jan. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – MobileSmith is pleased to announce the release of The Gift of Motherhood pregnancy app for iPhone, Android, and iPad, created and published by its client Customized Communications, Inc. using the MobileSmith mobile app development platform.

Customized Communications is an innovative medical publishing company that delivers creative and highly relevant patient education products to healthcare providers across the US and Canada. With patients increasingly accustomed to consuming health information from their mobile devices, the company saw the need to create meaningful mobile apps for its customers’ target patient demographics. The great success of its educational brochure, “The Gift of Motherhood”, gave rise to an idea of a comprehensive and entertaining pregnancy app for organizations providing services to expectant and new mothers.

We noticed that there were a lot of different pregnancy apps, but each had very limited information, so we went through and put an app together that covered all of the things a new mom would need to know,” said Heather Noack, eLearning Production Manager at Customized Communications. “With the MobileSmith platform, prototyping, testing, and building our new app for multiple mobile platforms proved to be an easy and rewarding experience.”

The Gift of Motherhood app is intended to be used by hospitals and healthcare providers, guiding and educating expectant moms in the areas of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and adjusting to life as a new parent. The app features rich content and functionality, including:

  • Animations & videos
  • Weekly notifications
  •  Appointment tracker
  •  Contractions tracker
  •  Pregnancy journal
  • Contraction timer

“We are thrilled about the success that Customized Communications has already seen with their mobile app,” said Robert Hancock, MobileSmith VP of Sales. “Customized Communications came in with a clear vision of how they wanted their app to look and function, and they were able to completely take ownership of the entire process, from start to end, using our platform. Looking ahead, they already have plans to expand their mobile app strategy via new apps, unlimited app versioning and customization. It’s an exciting time.

MobileSmith is a complete cloud solution for enterprise mobility and a patents-pending online platform that allows creating, deploying, and managing custom, native apps for iOS and Android smartphones and iPad tablets without writing a line of code. The platform also serves as a back-office for secure management of your entire portfolio of apps and real-time content updates.

Customized Communications, Inc. is an innovative medical publishing company that supplies accurate, customized information that can be branded for a facility, hospital or health system. From PowerPoint presentations to web-based learning programs, their relevant, evidence based materials can expand your educational reach and marketing impact.