COVID-19 Response Mobile Apps

Supporting COVID-19 Communications Challenges for Hospitals and their Communities

Secure, performance-based mobile platform​

Designed to support hospitals and health systems in their response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. The secure mobile platforms can be deployed in as little as 72 hours and provide timely push notifications and alerts to convey breaking news, vital updates, and customized facility information.

Now available in two versions to engage hospital patients, staff and volunteers, COVID Response Mobile Apps help health systems relay the latest and most accurate guidance, data and alerts to those who
need it most.

COVID-19 Response Apps Datasheet
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To learn more about the COVID Response Mobile Apps, please contact MobileSmith Health at or call 855-516-2413 x1.

COVID-19 Corona mobile response app
COVID19 Corona mobile response app

COVID Response – Staff

  • Secure environment for health system leadership to communicate with all stakeholders
  • Internal user groups and forums to manage staff deployment
  • Reference libraries for sharing video and other content

COVID Response – Community

  • Optimized care coordination to communicate more effectively with the community
  • Real-time mobile access to virtual or telehealth assessment and screening tools
  • The most current, accurate and regionalized COVID-19 information available
Deaconess Health System COVID Mobile Response App

Armed with Critical Information

Deaconess Health System, a seven hospital system in southern Indiana is the first provider to launch the COVID Response – Staff app from MobileSmith Health, developing a secure, mobile environment to allow leadership and clinicians to communicate with all health system stakeholders.

Deaconess Health System