MobileSmith Client Success

Ready to Launch Your Next App? Here’s How it Works

mobilesmith launch plan

1. What type of app do you want to build?Within 24 hours, we will send you a test version of your Blueprint app that incorporates your logo and general color scheme. This fully-functioning app can be shared with other stakeholders to explore the possibilities of your new app and kick off any internal workgroups or processes.

2. QuestionnaireFollowing the kickoff call, our Client Success team will create a project plan for delivery. During this process, we will work with your team to fully represent your brand guidelines, preferences and processes within the app, seamlessly blending the finished app into your digital strategy and maintaining continuity across the spectrum.

2. QuestionnaireThe MobileSmith team will digitize your existing content to ensure your patients receive the right information at the right time. Creating an intuitive, always-accessible outlet to your particular workflows and educational content extends the trusted provider-patient relationship and ensures patients receive sound, medically-validated answers to any questions they may have.

Extensive testing will verify all aspects of the app are functioning appropriately and ensure the app offers a model user experience. This is also an opportunity to review internally and externally for accuracy and final revisions.

9. Promote your AppMobileSmith will supply screenshots, description and suggested keywords for submitting the app to the App Store and the Play Store, and will coordinate with the Marketing, PR and Communications teams for assistance with any media and community campaigns.

9. Promote your AppOnce the app is launched, MobileSmith will continue to work to maximize its success. With real-time iteration, many changes can be made without even re-versioning the app. Additional features and functionality can continue to be added, keeping the app appealing to current and new users.

MobileSmith will share feedback and analytics on a regular basis, including Quarterly Business Reviews to assess priorities for the roadmap, and will collaborate to highlight these successes in case studies and speaking engagements.