At Smart Online we’ve been very excited over the last few weeks about the concept of cities, open data and our patent pending platform, Smart Online. Firstly, why is it beneficial to open up your city’s data to developers? Cost for one. Consider this – custom app creation would cost nearly $100,000 for just ONE app while opening up your city’s data to developers will cost about the same. But by opening up your data you are now giving any and every developer the option to use your data in their apps, giving citizens the option to have a great living experience in the city they love.

And pair this with a platform like Smart Online that will allow users to build multiple apps for the fraction of the cost that it takes to build one app, and you have a perfect complement to open data.

We love this concept so much that we’re hosting a webinar this Thursday – June 21 at 2 pm EST to discuss the possibilities of cities, open data and mobile. Join us.