CICL - Center For Innovation Commercialization LLCDURHAM, NC, June 27, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/MobileSmith entered into a distribution partnership with The Center For Innovation Commercialization LLC (CICL), a firm that identifies, represents, and helps to increase sales and global distribution of cutting edge innovative technology solutions.

“We are thrilled to partner with CICL, known for enabling large multinational companies to re-innovate, by helping them to access  the most innovative solutions,” said Robert Hancock, MobileSmith VP of Sales.  “This partnership is a testament to the value and strength of our app platform, which currently has no rival in the level of customization, robustness, and versatility.”

“The MobileSmith App Development Platform is a technology of great promise and a powerful solution of choice for mobile app development,” said Cinthya Poreh, Sr. VP CICL Managed Services.  “We are excited to bring it to our enterprise customers and empower them to accelerate the delivery of rich, custom mobile apps for their customers’ and commerce partners’ myriad platforms at very little cost.  The ease and rapidity of turning ideas into apps is definitely a unique competitive advantage and a selling point!  We believe every company will increasingly turn to mobile applications to reach a greater percentage of their client base and to help satisfy their respective needs.”

MobileSmith™ is a complete cloud solution for enterprise mobility and a patent-pending SaaS platform that allows creating and deploying custom mobile apps for iPhone, Android, and iPad without writing a line of code.  The platform also serves as a back-office for secure management of your organization’s entire portfolio of apps; pushing real-time notifications, and real-time app UI and functionality updates without re-submitting to the app stores.

The Center For Innovation Commercialization LLC (CICL) specializes in helping American and international companies to re-innovate faster and at a significantly reduced cost.  By providing our channels with access to best in class differentiated fully vetted innovative solutions, CICL helps its customers and channels to become more innovative, driving greater thought leadership and helping them generate new revenue streams from innovative products, services, and solutions.  CICL helps its customers and partners to grow market share and achieve higher margins without having to invest substantially in R&D.  For more information, visit