CHI St. Vincent Infirmary announced that it is partnering with MobileSmith Health (OTCBB: MOST), a leader in the digital health and mobile development sector that is changing traditional healthcare patient engagement and adherence management. The initiative will focus on improving practice-to-center surgical patient management while increasing patient adherence to pre-and post-surgical instructions across multiple specialty groups within the health system. CHI St. Vincent’s implementation of MobileSmith Health’s PeriOp patient adherence management solution is also designed to relieve several levels of staff burden in pre-op patient assessment, information gathering, confirmations, and post-op patient management. 

“After the many months of canceled and postponed surgical procedures that came with the onset of the pandemic, the wave of voluntary and elective surgical procedures is finally rising again,” said Jill Flaxman, MD, medical director of perioperative services, CHI St. Vincent Infirmary. “Partnering with MobileSmith Health and implementing PeriOp throughout Central Arkansas gives us a level of confidence in our ability to combat the financial and workflow challenges that come with staff intensive surgical patient preparation and hand-offs, patient compliance, cancellations, and readmissions – ultimately allowing our staff to focus on patient care.”

MobileSmith Health is partnering with select health systems and ambulatory surgery centers to support their perioperative improvement goals. As part of this innovation initiative, MobileSmith Health works extensively with the health system partner’s perioperative, clinical, technology, finance, and performance services teams to configure PeriOp to the health system’s specific needs. This initiative positions perioperative programs to share their experiences in an evidence-based, data-driven manner to capture the performance improvements that PeriOp generates. 

Additionally, the program gathers insights from the nurses and physicians using the platform to manage their surgical patients. As an FHIR-based solution, PeriOp will be seamlessly integrated and accessible through CHI St. Vincent Infirmary’s Cerner EMR. PeriOp is a validation program partner with both Epic and Cerner and is interoperable with any FHIR-based EMR.

“We are thrilled to have innovative health systems, such as St. Vincent’s, implement MobileSmith Health applications within their organization to lead them as they are looking to streamline their patient experience,” said Chris Caramanico, CEO of MobileSmith Health. “Our 10+ years of healthcare consumer-facing applications places us in a leading position to drive healthcare consumer experience.”

MobileSmith Health’s recently enhanced PeriOp reduces cancellations and complications across episodes of care with an intuitive and patient-friendly mobile app. The EHR integrated solution allows hospitals, health systems, and ASCs to gain visibility and efficiency throughout pre- and post-procedural adherence. The PeriOp mobile app improves post-discharge medical adherence through ERAS protocols support and provides education and procedural transparency while streamlining staff and clinician workflows to reduce complications and preventable readmissions.