Raleigh, NC, September 7, 2022MobileSmith (OTCBB: MOST), a leading provider of cutting-edge mobile software solutions, announces delivery and live status of their PeriOp solution at CHI St. Vincent Infirmary.

MSH is proud to partner with St. Vincent in improving throughput and clinical care for surgical patients using the PeriOp solution. This toolset provides visibility of patient activities and status to the clinical team preparing to welcome patients for surgery. The adherence dashboard helps clinicians focus on the patients who need the most help. Patients, in turn, get education about their procedure, complete necessary preoperative tasks, and are better prepared to manage their care at home.

“The MSH team has been a pleasure to work with … We have a shared vision and passion to make healthcare communication to the patient reliable and more efficient. The combination of MSH and our talented and innovative team at CHI St. Vincent are proving that we can make a difference in the daily work of many clinicians while improving patient outcomes.” – Dr. Jill Flaxman

About MobileSmith:

MobileSmith (OTCBB: MOST) MobileSmith Health is a digital health technology company focused on increasing efficiency and improving outcomes by providing clinicians with modern pre- and post-surgery dashboard, showing how patients participate in their own care. PeriOp, MobileSmith Health’s patient app, connects providers to their patients, streamlines information, simplifies surgery preparation and discharge and reduces complications. PeriOp by MobileSmith Health makes the science, process and oversight simple.