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Ready-to-go mobile solutions

With MobileSmith Health, we give your sales team an arsenal of proven healthcare mobile application blueprints to offer your clients. These blueprints are fully customizable, deployed by dozens of health systems nationwide, and a must-have for organizations.

Our team of healthcare app experts stays on the forefront of the latest mobile health trends, providing the technology engine behind some of the most useful healthcare apps being used in hospitals nationwide.

Proven mobile solutions active in over 60+ healthcare systems

With experience in over 60 top healthcare systems nationwide, MobileSmith Health has helped these organizations create mobile apps that help patients since 2013.

Our team of mobile health experts are dedicated to keeping your client’s apps as engaging and useful as possible, by leveraging the most helpful and relevant healthcare technology on the market today.

A few examples of what kind of apps we have help launch are:

  • Interactive pregnancy mobile apps
  • Perioperative apps to guide patients through the surgery process
  • Healthcare access apps including turn-by-turn wayfinding for new patients
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Our Channel Partners

Services and Maintenance

In addition to providing turnkey technology framework for your clients, MobileSmith Health also provides sales and marketing support for your team as well as advanced technical support for your clients.

Sales and marketing support 

In partnering with MobileSmith Health, we provide your sales team with the resources and marketing support you need when selling our solution to hospitals and healthcare systems. A few of the resources we provide include:

  • Pre-sales training documents
  • Access to the MobileSmith Health Blueprints catalog
  • Custom sample apps to provide during the sales process
  • Deal registration

Maintenance Capabilities 


  • Modify content on-the-fly
  • User-friendly CMS
  • Does not require re-releasing apps

Minor Maintenance

  • QBR reviews
  • Quarterly updates as needed
  • Includes re-submitting to app store

Major Maintenance

  • Custom coded functions
  • Custom integrations
  • Bi-annual major maintenance sprint