MobileSmith Announces Mark Costanza to Their Senior Leadership Team

As MobileSmith Health moves to our next phase of growth, it is essential that we build out our Client Success and Operations team. Mark has a proven track record of building scalable teams that place the client at the forefront of everything they do. We are thrilled to add him to the team. Mark stated, “I am thrilled to be joining MobileSmith Health and I look forward to helping this company grow and scale [...]

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3 Reasons to Invest in Apps as a Health Insurance Payer

The lack of clarity into a patient's current healthcare benefits like deductibles, services used, and out-of-pocket maximums can be confusing to say the least. Speaking from experience, receiving up-to-date information on where I currently stand is many times not an easy process to say the least. It usually consists of weeding through paper statements sent to me in the mail, struggling to log into a mobile app that's not great, and is double checking [...]

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Need to Reduce No-Shows and Cancelled Surgeries? Consider This.

Same-day surgery cancellations may be costing your hospital millions annually. According to a Tulane Study, the New Orleans Medical Center experienced 327 same day surgery cancellations in 2009 alone - or about 7% of their total overall surgeries - leading to over $1 million dollars in lost revenue. The good news is there are several ways to help prevent some of these same-day cancellations from happening in the first place by giving patients [...]

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9 Practical Ways to Improve Health Literacy Among Patients

How can patients make the best decision possible when a situation arises? Health literacy, or having the right information top-of mind is the place to start. According to a NAAL study  35 percent of all patients have basic or below basic health literacy, which equates to about 77 million U.S. adults. To help address patient literacy problems over time, here are nine effective techniques that you can implement: 1. Make information more readily [...]

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Reshaping traditional healthcare:
Five ways mobile can deliver a more engaged patient experience

At MobileSmith, we understand that in this ever-connected, technologically driven world, healthcare consumers demand the same experience as they would when booking a ride to the airport or reserving a table at their favorite restaurant. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping our clients engage with their patients at a time and place of their choosing – a personal mobile device. This growing need for healthcare providers to meet consumer demands is [...]

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The Smart Solution to Optimizing Patient Flow – Have You Tried This?

Patient flow is defined as "the ability of a healthcare system to serve patients quickly and efficiently as they move through stages of care" according to NEJM. But as you know, serving patients efficiently in the current healthcare delivery model is easier said than done. To accomplish this ask, health systems must find new ways to change the entire patient journey for the better, in ways that make it possible to [...]

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Good News / Bad News

I really appreciated the recent post in mHealthIntelligence about the Top 10 Healthcare Apps for Hospitals.   Having been in the Hospital Apps business for 5 years, it is really GOOD NEWS to see that Meaningful Use guidelines have been a driving force toward consumerization of healthcare.  Two years ago when Strategy and Business published the article What Consumers Most Want from Health Insurers’ Technology, many of the app features were deceptively simple – obvious that consumers would want it, [...]

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How to Modernize Perioperative Phases with the Help of Mobile Apps

The potential of digital health, or mHealth, is a popular topic right now. Conversations around how to leverage this technology often focus on the soft benefits rather than the real-dollar impact it can have on improving healthcare efficiency. One of the biggest opportunities lies in modernizing different perioperative phases that exist, from pre-op to post-op. While many first-generation digital healthcare strategies were focused on checking a box, this wave is part [...]

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Make Quality Improvement Projects More Effective with Mobile

As a healthcare leader, there are hundreds of QI projects to choose from, but choosing an effective method to initiate change is sometimes easier said than done. One important medium we see as crucial to the success of any project is utilizing something 95 percent of Americans own (and carry almost all the time): a smartphone. Whatever improvement project you have in mind for your healthcare organization - whether it be [...]

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