How to Revamp Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy Using Mobile Apps

Does your healthcare marketing strategy that needs a face lift?  If you are looking to modernize your marketing plan, mobile apps are one of the most effective ways to promote content.  One benefit is that the mobile health market (or mHealth) is a multi-billion dollar industry, and is projected to reach nearly 20 billion dollars globally in 2016, and close to 60 billion by 2020, according to Statista. With so many wearables, the growing IoT market, and [...]

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3 mHealth Tips to Increase Patient Loyalty

Patients are becoming increasingly mobile, but is your healthcare brand doing enough to increase patient loyalty in a mobile world?  According to Google, 44 percent of patients are using mobile devices to discover hospitals, and with so many competing healthcare brands, loyalty is a major challenge outside of getting discovered.  One way to differentiate is to provide tools patients can use throughout the different stages of their life.  Here's three tips to increase patient loyalty with mHealth apps specific to your patient's [...]

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Solving the Patient Demographics Puzzle Using Mobile Apps

Engaging with patients can be a challenge for providers, with many asking themselves if their strategy is really addressing the needs of specific patient groups.  If you're thinking about this audience, first consider the patient demographics challenge in healthcare. From a recent AHA survey of 1,400 healthcare professionals, only 56 percent agree that their programs help address socioeconomic determinants like housing, poverty, or violence.  Healthcare is different in the sense that a one-size-fits-all strategy isn't always the best [...]

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Do Citizens Need Better Government Mobile Apps?

We all love mobile apps that make our lives a little bit easier, but what if there were more local, state, or federal government apps that were actually helpful to us as citizens?  In 2010, there were only seventeen federal mobile apps available to download.  That number has now increased to a few hundred at, but you will most likely have trouble finding many native apps at the state or county level.  Here's three ways better government mobile apps could [...]

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Mobile App Trends in Healthcare – What to Watch in 2016

From wearables like the Apple Watch to iOS 9, our world has been inundated with new devices and OS updates as 2015 comes to a close.  Which mobile app trends will continue in 2016 and what should you watch out for? Here's a quick recap and preview for the new year:   Wearables and the Apple Watch 2015 could be characterized as the year of the Apple Watch  - despite a healthcare market not quite ready for wearables at a clinical level. [...]

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Are You Mobile First? What It Could Mean for your Brand

If you’re like many, a "mobile first" strategy hasn't been a focus historically - resources have already been spent on your website and mobile apps have been placed on the back burner.  The reality is, many people won't even discover your feature-packed website from a desktop.  About 62 percent of digital media is accessed from a smartphone, mostly in the form of mobile apps, according to comScore.   Here's why a mobile first strategy could be a gamechanger: 1. Increased Mobile Engagement Your [...]

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Top 3 Mobile Messaging Strategies for Black Friday

Chances are, you might be one of the shoppers lined up for Black Friday deals with a branded smartphone app ready to be entertained by mobile messaging - at least that's what more and more industries are banking on.  Beacon shipments are expected to reach 400 Million by 2020 according to ABI Research, and for good reason. Smartphone users were found in a separate study to be 6.4 times more likely to keep using a brand's mobile app when they received [...]

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It’s Budgeting Time – The Best Mobile App Ideas to Pitch

It's time to present that awesome mobile app idea you've been thinking of, so it may not be a surprise that technology is at the forefront of IT teams and marketers' agendas.  According to a recent Forrester report, 55 percent of customers expect companies to have a mobile app.   Business technology expenditures are also expected to increase nearly 10 percent in 2016, with a focus being on technologies that win, serve, and retain customers.  Getting smart about [...]

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