When Should Your Service Line Have Its Own App?

Does your service line have its own app? How about your surgical procedures? What? I never thought of that before….why would someone download an app for a tonsillectomy or knee replacement surgery? I’ve interacted with hundreds of hospitals and health systems over the last few years and have been underwhelmed with how they have approached mobile. The typical view is to create the “General Hospital App” and provide patients access to their health record [...]

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HIMSS-16 App Trends – What’s New in mHealth

And we're back! HIMSS-2016 was our fourth HIMSS in a row - getting more fun every year.  We at MobileSmith never miss this Super Bowl of healthcare IT trade shows. Here are some key ideas that were floating around at HIMSS last week, and some key mHealth app trends I was hearing about. 1. An App a Day - What the Dr. Ordered More and more health systems are recognizing that they need to treat their [...]

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Marketers Can Take Control of Enterprise Mobile Strategy

Fabulous news! Marketers are taking the lead in enterprise mobile strategy, according to the newly released Forbes Insights report.  A whopping 53 % of marketing executives are designing and deploying mobile apps, both internal- and external-facing, as part of their marketing strategies.  Marketers are driving mobile use case development, user interface design, and the launching of enterprise mobile apps.  IT departments, in many cases, are only providing a supporting role. This is music to my [...]

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The Challenge of Cross-Platform Mobile Development – New Whitepaper!

You shouldn’t have to compromise to give your customers what they want … A great app! With more smartphone devices than people now, as marketers, you are faced with significant challenges in engaging with your customers through mobile apps. MobileSmith teamed up with the Application Developers Alliance to co-author an insightful whitepaper: The Challenge of Cross-Platform Mobile Development: Maximizing your Mobile Investment The different strategies available to address mobile platform fragmentation The advantages and drawbacks [...]

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The Rise Of The Digital Mobile Consumer

Consumers are adopting smartphones at faster and faster rates.  Last month Strategy Analytics reported that there are now 1 billion smartphones worldwide projecting to hit 2 billion by 2015.  Nielsen just published a report earlier in the summer that said more than half of mobile subscribers, 55%, now own a smartphone and that will continue to rise as 2 out of every 3 new subscribers are choosing smartphones.  Also, over 85% of these smartphones are [...]

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What’s Your Mobile Hook – Part 2

Last week I gave some examples of branded apps that provided a compelling “mobile hook”, or app functionality that provides a unique and often innovative utility.  These mobile hooks exploit native smartphone technology like the GPS, camera etc. and effectively extends a company brand into the mobile segment.  I want to dive into this a little deeper now. The Dead App Syndrome for Brands Most apps after the initial download become “dead apps.”  These are [...]

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What’s Your Mobile Hook?

My favorite new feature from iOS6 is really an old feature from the 2008 Blackberry Storm days, easily sharing photos directly from the camera to Facebook! That function got me hooked on smartphones back in the day where I realized that social media and mobile phones are perfect for each other. Social media is about instantly sharing your life with your friends, family and followers; your life is mobile, and your mobile phone is with [...]

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The Need to Take Back Control of My Inbox

I just recently noticed that I have over 10,000 email messages currently in my Hotmail inbox.  In doing a bit of unscientific analysis I’d say over 80% have never been opened, and close to 90% of all my messages are newsletters from brands, companies, charities and organizations that I have “opted-in” to.   I rarely open these and for some reason I have accepted the need to now "hunt" for critical messages from friends and family..." [...]

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See You At ‘Apps World’ North America Next Week in NYC

I hope to see you in NY next week at the Apps World event (11/1 – 11/2).  I’m excited to be a speaker there.  My session is on Wednesday.  My topic is about the New Paradigm of Mobile Application Development.  I have been personally crusading for this recently.  Native app development is just too hard and expensive now for the great and innovative use cases that an enterprise can leverage with a Smartphone.  Smart Online [...]

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There’s a New Paradigm coming in Mobile App Development

There has to be a better way. I’m tired of talking with customers about the high cost and long cycle time in building native smartphone apps.   I have been helping brand managers unlock the possibilities of how native smartphone applications can build consumer loyalty, target new demographics and create new engagement mechanisms.   They now have a better understanding that success does not mean building one uber-app for their brand that tries to do everything, but [...]

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