When Should Your Service Line Have Its Own App?

Does your service line have its own app? How about your surgical procedures? What? I never thought of that before….why would someone download an app for a tonsillectomy or knee replacement surgery? I’ve interacted with hundreds of hospitals and health systems over the last few years and have been underwhelmed with how they have approached mobile. The typical view is to create the “General Hospital App” and provide patients access to their health record [...]

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4 Digital Strategies to Attract More Patients to your Hospital

As a healthcare marketer, attracting patients is a task that's easier said than done.  Executing successful campaigns is one thing, but do you have a modern strategy to compete? Only one in four hospitals have a documented content marketing strategy according to Healthcare Insight. Many like Rafael Lugo, a general surgeon from Houston,  say digital marketing is no longer optional for hospitals looking to attract more patients.  Considering the progress being made in other industries, it's [...]

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Nobody knew that health care (apps) could be so complicated…

Apologies to President Trump for the paraphrase, but it's true--apps are hard.The ideas are easy enough—everyone can come up with more than a few ways smartphones can make healthcare better. For my next outpatient visit, for instance, I’d like to check in remotely and be guided to the clinic as easily as I request an Uber and fly through TSA Pre-check on a business trip. Recovery would be faster and better if an app reminded me to [...]

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Preparing Patients for Surgery? How Apps Can Help

In a perfect world, patients would show up on time, not forget to fast the night before surgery, and follow post-op instructions.  When preparing patients for surgery, sometimes no matter how many times they are told one thing, they will do another.  According to Gallup, effective pre-surgery education has been shown to boost satisfaction and reduce reported problems, which is good news.  The challenge is determining if your current pre-op instructions are effective, practical, or hardly existent. To [...]

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3 Steps to Better Physician-Patient Communication in Your Hospital

When was the last time your doctor recommended setting reminders on your smartphone, or walked you though how to use their mobile app for FAQs? Communication breakdowns are not only costly for providers, but dangerous for your patients. A recent CRICO study found poor physician-patient communication contributed to nearly 2,000 deaths, and $1.7 billion in malpractice claims over the course of five years. Reminding a patient to stop eating the night of surgery may be communicated, but [...]

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How to Encourage Patient Referrals in a Mobile App World

As a marketer, patient referrals are impacting your bottom line, whether you know it or not.  An estimated 20 to 40 percent of patients who receive referrals from physicians never even complete them, leaving money on the table for providers across the country. When searching for care options, word-of-mouth still is a powerful patient referral mechanism for your most loyal brand promoters. Here are a few ways  to impress patients and influence others with mobile:  Bring new use [...]

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The Secret to a Value-Based Payment Model: Better Tech

The reimbursement conversation is well under way at the water cooler among clinicians and healthcare execs, and for good reason.  The  Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services plan to have 55 percent of all fee-for-service (FFS) payments replaced by a value-based payment (VBP) model by the end of 2016.  The reason for the switch?  Improved quality of care for patients, and less focus on the quantity of services provided as means for reimbursement. Maybe it hasn't been a quick or easy transition - you might [...]

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Physician Referrals Made Easy Using Mobile Apps

Proper physician referrals can be a valuable cost-saver for healthcare providers, but you may be surprised at how much of a guessing game it can be.  According to a study by Kyruus, 62 percent of all misdirected referrals are caused by a lack of information on specialists. A recent trend we've been following is the creation of mobile apps as a solution.  With nearly 20 million "clinically inappropriate" referrals each year, physician referrals are due for [...]

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Reducing Unnecessary ER Visits with Mobile Apps

Unnecessary ER visits are a costly problem your hospital likely doesn’t have a permanent solution for.  What about those minor strains, fractures, and other acute illnesses emergency rooms have been treating for years?  Consider these eyebrow-raising stats: Recent studies suggest minor illnesses could save hospitals over 4 billion dollars annually if treated at urgent care centers. 71 percent out of 6.5 million ER visits analyzed by Truven Health were found to be avoidable. BlueCross BlueShield found that [...]

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