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Launched in January of this year, the MobileSmith Health Healthcare APPtitude radio show has been and will continue to cover a lot of ground in 2020. From the rising costs of healthcare in America, to the response to the global COVID-19 pandemic crisis, and to the political implications of the upcoming presidential election, we examine some of the groundbreaking advances that healthcare’s thought leaders and industry influencers are bringing to the table. From an [...]

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How Mobile Apps Can Help Hospitals and ASCs Restart Elective Procedures

Elective surgeries comprise 60% of hospital revenues, so that’s why hospitals and ASCs are looking to restart elective services—stat. A rebound in COVID-19 cases as cities, regions and states open back up remains a possibility, which is why hospitals and ASCs should proceed slowly with the resumption of elective procedures. Hospitals and ASCs should also explore the use of mobile apps to increase communications with patients and employees as well as reduce no-shows and [...]

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Deaconess Health System Delivers Crucial and Timely Information to Staff Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

While looking for options to streamline company-wide communications, Deaconess Health System planned to implement a platform where doctors, nurses, technicians, non-medical staff and volunteers could access all hospital news and information in one place. The realization that the seven-hospital health system’s 7,300 employees were constantly on the move all day long, in addition to a portion of employees having no access to a corporate email account, placed this need as a high priority in [...]

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Armed with Critical Information

While facing the unrelenting pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic, our U.S. healthcare system has been confronted with a secondary challenge: one of missing or delayed information. Inadequate communication channels across health systems – both internally and externally – can restrict a hospital’s ability to communicate effectively with staff and deliver critical guidance to patients. Deaconess Health System is the first provider to launch the COVID Response – Staff app from MobileSmith Health, developing a [...]

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4 Communications Lessons to Learn from the Pandemic

Although the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic seems never-ending, normal times will return. Savvy healthcare leaders will be keeping a list of lessons learned and things the health system or hospital could do better next time. Any such list should include communications strategies that could be improved for staff, patients and the community at large. In good times and during times of crisis, effective communication is critical. Consider these four communications strategies. Give your [...]

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MobileSmith Health’s Customers Speak at Top Industry Events

From news of our strategic alliance with AT&T to the evolution of our patient adherence management solution, 2020 is off to a busy start. But it’s not just news of partnerships and product enhancements that we’re proud to announce. This spring, several of our customers will be front and center at major industry events where, through securing prominent speaking roles, they will share first-hand experience as to how their healthcare system implemented mobile app [...]

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How MobileSmith Health is reshaping the way healthcare is delivered before and after surgical procedures in thousands of hospitals across our country

Many people undergo surgical procedures every year. But it’s a patient’s entire care journey – not just the time spend on the operating room table – that is crucial when it comes to better outcomes for patients and providers alike. To help hospitals across the nation connect with patients pre- and post- procedure, MobileSmith Health announced an alliance with AT&T that will reshape the way our healthcare is delivered before and after surgical procedures [...]

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NAVIGATE – Your Health System’s Front Door

At MobileSmith Health, we understand patients want quick access to appropriate care and healthcare providers and systems want to increase patient loyalty and satisfaction scores. Our Navigate app is the solution! The interactive, patient friendly app can be your health system’s front door, helping patients check their symptoms and guiding them, when appropriate, to the right setting within your care delivery network. The result? A powerful healthcare experience that promotes patient satisfaction and loyalty [...]

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Amplify Your Patient ENCOUNTERS

As more healthcare providers and health systems recognize the importance of healthcare apps, MobileSmith Health’s user-friendly mobile app, Encounter, is changing the way that patients and providers communicate. This procedure-based app delivers instructions pre- and post-procedure that can be customized around the service and the provider. The end result is a better engaged and satisfied patient along with a healthcare ecosystem which retains patients and saves millions of dollars annually. Learn more [...]

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MobileSmith Health is a Proud Partner of U.S. National Health IT Week – September 23 – 27, 2019

We know that comprehensive health care reform is not possible without system-wide adoption of health information technology, and we are proud to join others across the country on September 23-27 for U.S. National Health IT (NHIT) Week – a nationwide action week with the goal of elevating national attention to the advantages of advancing health IT. At MobileSmith Health, we continue to provide industry-leading mobile applications that offer a more streamlined and effective care [...]

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