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With MobileSmith, you can build a wayfinding app for your organization quickly and at low cost.

  • Engage your customers with relevant location-based content.
  • Assist with indoor and outdoor navigation, parking, check-in, etc.
  • Reduce stress, inject personality, improve customer experience.
  • Boost your brand by incorporating a hot new technology in your apps.

No need to build a sophisticated digital wayfinding infrastructure. Take advantage of the cutting-edge geofencing and beacon technologies, integrated in our platform, to launch wayfinding apps for less!

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How Mobile Wayfinding Works

How Mobile Wayfinding Works

MobileSmith has partnered with Gimbal™, the market leader in beacon and geofencing technology, to integrate their solution in our mobile app development platform. With these cutting edge tools, you can:

  • Deploy your beacons and draw geofence(s) in Gimbal Manager.
  • Easily customize push messages your app will send to users at specific locations.
  • Point push messages to specific app pages – maps, parking instructions, check-in, etc.
  • Track time spent by visitors or staff at various locations.
  • Include relevant announcements, special offers, and more.
  • Prototype your wayfinding apps quickly and test them on real devices.
  • Include wayfinding and proximity messaging features in any branded apps!
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Gimbal™ Geofencing and Beacons

Geofencing is a macro-location technology that locates your app users in areas 50 meters or greater in radius.

A geofence is a virtual enclosure that you can set up around a real geographic area, e.g. a store, a street, a parking lot, or a plaza. Your app can become aware of a customer’s location, including arrival, departure and dwell times.

Proximity Beacons are a micro-location technology for areas less than 50 meters in radius.

A proximity beacon marks a radio-based enclosure that you set up around a smaller geographic area; for example, a department within a store, a specific street address, a section of a parking lot, or a landmark in a plaza.

Gimbal uses a low-cost beacon technology based on the Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) standard, so your app won’t drain your users’ batteries.

With these cutting edge tools integrated in MobileSmith, you can develop all kinds of customer engagement use cases – for retail apps, hospital apps, event apps, sports apps, etc.

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Gimbal™ Geofencing and Beacons

Gimbal™ Geofencing and Beacons

Sarasota Memorial Hospital Wayfinding App

Sarasota Memorial Hospital Wayfinding App

Using the MobileSmith platform, Sarasota Memorial Health Care has built and launched a hospital wayfinding app to help patients easily navigate its 1.5 million-square-foot main campus on southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast. The app was built without programming in less than 4 weeks.

The Sarasota Memorial app is packed with great location-based features, such as:

  • User-friendly maps for navigating the outdoor areas.
  • Maps and pointers on each floor of the facility.
  • Friendly tips, staff directory, GPS directions and contacts.

“Using the MobileSmith platform made the process of building, testing, and publishing the Sarasota Memorial hospital wayfinding app easy and cost-efficient.” – Peter Taylor, Marketing Director

Ready to build your own wayfinding app?

Ready to Build Your Wayfinding App?

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Our Executive Health mobile app was fully built and ready to hit the Apple and Android stores in a matter of days, even before the agreement was signed. We are impressed with the capabilities of the MobileSmith platform and look forward to using it to create a powerful mobile app portfolio for patient engagement.
Andrew QuinnAndrew Quinn, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

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